Famous enterprises circle of friends, moved to the basketball court! EAC all star basketball game ended successfully!

Friends all star basketball court famous enterprises basketball match

tiantianqiuyouhui· 2016-07-28 19:21:03

EAC yesterday afternoon (Europe Center) awards ceremony all star basketball tournament was held in Oakwood, the special assistant vice president of construction group and administrative director Mr. Yang Yifang as the winners and the most popular team, cheerleading awards.

[" padding-top: 7px; padding-bott Om: 7px >; "it is worth mentioning that there are formal and different from the rigid race start ceremony when the awards ceremony, more like the world's top 500 enterprises have the old party.

" color: RGB style= had 2 months of field fights and field exchanges, 9 teams together to share a laughing and talking. In the event of memorable moments and touching moment.

at the awards ceremony, EAC (European Center) of the relevant responsible person said, as the world's top 500 enterprises in the world from EAC (Europe Center), in addition to create a global efficient business service platform, is the cultural exchange platform of the global elite.

" perfect! All star basketball tournament "ended, just opened the prelude, the cultural season in the future, including the elite sports interactive projects and urban leisure experience will continue to expand, EAC (European Center) is not only a symbol of enterprise level that is the world's elite culture experience!"

the EAC (Europe Review Center)" all star basketball ", after a fierce contest for nearly two months, final on July 16th officially started.

nearly 20 field group phase fight with two semi-finals and the great escape, Jiakai city team and silver Zhejiang team final in the finals.

finally, Zhejiang bank with stronger ability to grasp the key points and more strength in the final victory over Jiakai City, to lift the first all star basketball championship. The construction investment trust team won the runner up.

the EAC (European Center)" all star basketball "attracted including construction investment trust, proya, Jiakai City, Zhejiang bank, more than 10 of the world's top 500 enterprises and famous elite participation.

from professional customized jerseys to uniform cheerleading teams slogan, hired a professional basketball coach before the game tactics, each team will be" team "and" struggle "show the most incisive.

as the tournament organizers EAC (Europe Center), the event has successfully built a sports interactive platform for the urban elite, have settled in the EAC (Europe Center) and many of the world's top 500 enterprises who feel the vitality and warmth of the elite family". Style= padding-top: "7px

every day the ball friends will (qjsportsclub)

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