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G20 summit, to strengthen security and international practice.

in the international anti-terrorism situation is grim moment, the security has become a common problem facing the world, countries are to take all necessary measures, the wide application of the modern science and technology means in some countries also at the city's mobilization, full Member participation.

this time many people noticed that the police on the street up; the airport subway and some other important places, to check the identity card; send express to real name registration. />

some security measures, traffic control program in the implementation, and even before the various units of the door, the security forces are also strengthening. />

it should be said that the vast majority of people can take the initiative to support and actively cooperate with the Hangzhou public security official WeChat hung a letter of thanks, thanks to the simulation, consciously take the initiative to make the line around the owners held last weekend in the traffic.

from the G20 summit is getting closer, all kinds of security measures are constantly strengthened, said to have no effect on the point of life this does not accord with the facts.

some of the usual routine may change, such as identity card, usually too lazy to take at this time, can take to bring the best; strengthen the security, some congestion is also expected to enter the subway, may not be so easy, when many people avoid long queues, a complaint is also normal.

police is also aware of this, so through various channels to the public has repeatedly expressed gratitude and hope to get the support of Italy, also tried all means to avoid the influence on the lives of the residents, we should take these measures a positive attitude to face. />

Hangzhou is a city with a population of nearly 10 million, foreign tourists, the population is also much, the daily security task was relatively heavy," G20 "will be held in Hangzhou, the leaders of 20 countries, the world's most important international organizations responsible person will come to Hangzhou, will undoubtedly make the burden heavier.

1.6;" look at the sun is still in the hard work of the security personnel, look at their entrances in various working attitude strict in demands, show common people should understand that this pair of burden is not easy. />


in the international anti-terrorism situation is grim moment, the security has become a common problem facing the world, countries are taking all necessary measures to try their best to a large number of applications of modern science and technology, some countries also at the city's mobilization, full participation.

the land sea and air simultaneously, seal, seal, sealing air sea started at the same time, the army and the police together, a large number of volunteers to join the army and other security series of extraordinary security measures, become the norm.

G20 summit, the Australian government put 6000 police officers and 1900 soldiers involved in security; in 2004, a NATO summit in Turkey, more than 24 thousand police officers responsible for the summit security work; the global climate conference held in 2009 in Denmark, Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark spent half of the police to maintain security, even also launched local residents to join the security force. During the />

International Conference on such a large host, measures strictly, be considerate, but not a must, but also can understand.

this is not disturbing, not to increase the burden of all, it is for everyone's safety, for the safety of this city, to the success of the summit held.

this is not to be in opposition to the personal interests and public interests, " the police enforce the law strictly, the fundamental purpose is to the interests of the individual in the public interest, to the city safer.

most people can understand the good intentions, but in the police law enforcement process also exposed some problems, some people do not support with some trouble, some people do not understand, some people even with security personnel from a quarrel.

this is not intended to tell the police, many people have not experienced such a process, not to can understand, but not by irrational behavior expressed dissatisfaction, more cannot use it to deny the importance of the G20 summit security work.

as citizens, in support of the government run the summit, Hangzhou is the greatest contribution. />

not only should cooperate with the police daily inspections, " should also take the initiative to participate in the security work to act as guardian of the responsibility, see suspicious positive report, management is not in place to actively supervise, have good advice also please actively offer suggestions.

to G20 "is everyone's business, each of us is to enhance the international status of Hangzhou City, more and more beautiful and safe beneficiaries; similarly, we are also builders.

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