Yao Ming into a unit of length! How much do you go to work by car?

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studio Wang Luodan Sun King Luodan fitness scores: every day riding 31 thousand Yao Ming!

recently, popular actor Wang Luodan studio made an interesting micro-blog, allegedly, Wang Luodan for a new movie, avatar motion kuangmo, daily bike ride over a distance of 70 km. They also added, according to this calculation, a distance equivalent to around 31 thousand Yao Ming pile standing height. Yao Ming actually started to be used as a unit of length used!

so, the brain hole and big open. We all know that Yao Ming's height is 2.26 meters, if we know some of the length of data, to "a Yao Ming" as the unit said, what will be the result? Every day you go to the company to go to work by car distance, is the number of Yao Ming?

basket basket height is not a lot of

Yao Minggao than the height of the basket is 3.05 meters, the equivalent of about 1.35 Yao Ming.


three />

FIBA top arc Yao Ming three line distance of 6.75 meters, while NBA is 7.25 meters, they were equivalent to 2.99 and 3.21 Yao Ming Yao Ming. That is to say, when you from the top of the arc cast a record three points, basketball in the plane flew over the 3 or so about Yao Ming.

Lhasa opener home court high altitude record record

NBL Guinness Lhasa pure basketball opener home court has just become the world's highest home court, this building is at an altitude of about 3700 meters altitude, the altitude, the equivalent of about 1637 Yao Ming to stand up to the height of pyramid form.

off the road to the Xinjiang men's basketball team is always a hard thing to go away

League, has been a let the players tired of things. CBA, and some teams from time to time in the air over half of china. The two teams in Xinjiang and Liaoning as an example, the Xinjiang team went to the Liaoning men's basketball team's home court, they flew about 3600 kilometers in the air, the equivalent of 1 million 580 thousand Yao Ming head a foot on the floor length. The length of the

on the equatorial length is the longest straight distance of the, which is equivalent to the length of the equator! />

running away from the />

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