Liu Junlie's gold contacts: -SUHO- Li Donghui is a good friend

Gold friends handsome

xingmingwanghanyusudi· 2016-07-28 19:28:41


actor Liu Junlie has a distinctive gold contacts.  

25 Tvn broadcast on the afternoon of the list of "open" broadcast " enjoy the single life stars " actor Liu Junlie, ranked eighth, he was out of the ordinary gold contacts attract the audience's attention.

according to the broadcast content from Jisoo, EXO SUHO, Liu Junlie and Li Donghui to cut, many stars have attracted public attention.

as Jisoo and SUHO, and Liu Junlie two people together in the movie "glory days" and forged a friendship, and Li Donghui is in relation to star in a popular television drama "please answer 1988" before the two is close to.

also, Liu Junlie starred in the TV series "good luck romance" just before the end of the show.

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