Lee Min Ho drew Guomei Han favorite paper Shuiguang makeup? How look shine

South Korea Lee Min Ho

xinlangyule· 2016-07-28 19:36:00

; "but how I feel oil? Is it my illusion?


as it is with...

oil and 360 degree corner, the whole face of

is painted Shuiguang makeup?

some time ago also saw Chung Geun-hee Obama, and the style

two is really not good to discuss? Lee Min Ho Obama thin, but Chung Geun-hee Obama fat....

only in common is that, two people are the face of the

is oily, Obama also pickled cabbage began to draw water light makeup? It is walking in the forefront of fashion

said recently very popular but special people can not understand the makeup, a freckle makeup, another is the makeup water!

and deliberately drawing pockmark in the face of freckles makeup, makeup water is deliberately face oil painting! in the beginning there Smecta is especially popular, many sister paper have tried

Song Hye Kyo yesterday photos, duly completed

series against the photographer Gianna Jun Ouni was pregnant when painting blingbling Shuiguang makeup look the popular color is particularly good

recently the celestial circle Suzy lot of powder, the same water Lingling

Shirley Yan good headstrong, what kind of makeup and style can hold live

Chinese ten Yoona

and walk IU

relative Si Mida, Shuiguang makeup in the sauce. My Chinese is not very popular, but go straight in your circle star fashion front are more or less tried!

nili hot mom Yang Mi, Yan high value wood

poems can also hold live, real beauty face no bangs modification ponytail!

with Zhao Liying, one is

baby various avant-garde makeup will be the first time to try, but make things should also pay close attention to the

yo Dongyu Zhou, is also a small fresh range of children

pure gulina Karzai, good skin is no words

in addition, Kunling and

Janine Chang

seen so many stars who think Shuiguang makeup demonstration, but how? Style= line-height: "

to recommend

love actress recently PW level! Yang Mi again to lead the trend, Liu Shishi Tang Yan who clothing products better?

from Yang Mi to Michelle Chen, the fact that clothing products will gradually become really good, but sooner or later!

Liu Yifei's clothing, hair line Zhao Liying, Yang Mi's body is a good plus evolution..!

long press image recognition of two-dimensional code key attention

not letter to" line-height: 1.6

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