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to YAHOO's $4 billion 800 million including Bloomberg, the" Wall Street journal ", the overseas news media quoted sources as saying the United States communications giant Verizon agreed to $4 billion 800 million acquisition of YAHOO's core business. This includes YAHOO's Internet business and real estate assets. Other intellectual property patents will be sold separately. Specific acquisition conditions are not clear. News will be in the United States on Monday, July 25th before the stock market opened on the official announcement.

this means that after four months of intense struggle YAHOO the fate of suspense was finally settled, the company over the past 20 years as independent Internet operators will also be the end of Marissa Mayer, the YAHOO CEO career may also come to an end. />

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Mui can save up YAHOO......

; "the first single United States officially approved UAV courier delivered successfully, the parcel is UAV courier in Nevada successfully sent food with

the first single American official approval, opening a new chapter in the United States in this field.

the largest chain convenience company 7-11 and UAV start-up company Freer Siti (Flirtey), recently in the United States of Nevada, Reno, the first use of drones to deliver goods to the subscribers home.

in Reno Nevada a 7-11 convenience store, the clerk will customers order food into a special box, and then start the two UAV, in the absence of GPS positioning system with man-machine under the guidance of customer service in the backyard, the UAV hovering in the air and through the ropes of the box slowly fall to the ground, withdrew after inspection of food.

the express including Slurpee, chicken sandwiches, hot coffee, donuts and candy, this is the customer for the first time at home to receive UAV delivery, the United States and great significance in the history of global business courier.

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Geek says,

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  in case of unmanned aerial vehicles on the way to the......

Holland" in addition to haze haze tower "against Beijing

in September this year, the Ministry of environmental protection in Beijing in a public place temporary installation of Holland Ross (Studio Roosegaarde) studio designed the world's first outdoor air purifier:" in addition to haze tower "(Smog Free Tower), look at how it has great harm in the haze of air purification, from government and agency personnel will design the haze removal tower near the air monitoring. After that, it will go to the other four China city in the next year, launched a war haze tour.

in addition to haze tower about 7 meters, looks like a miniature version of chrome frame skyscraper. But its interior has a powerful vacuum cleaner, the use of ionizing technology inhalation of fog and haze, filter out the harmful particles, and then discharged after the clean air. Its power is 1400 watts, equivalent to the electric kettle, but this machine can purify a football field within 36 hours of the space within 70% to 80% of the air. />


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in addition to the environmental impact, in addition to the haze tower on behalf of the innovation the spirit also has its importance.

Pokemon GO

China today landed Hongkong hit "Pok mon GO" Mobile Games Monday (July 25th) officially landed in Hongkong, ahead of Android shelves, as apple IOS mobile phone, mobile phone using the server previously downloaded program, also can catch the elves in Hong kong. />

GPS due to the game is quite based on

in Australia, New Zealand first launched in July 6th this year, caused by the global craze, more make Nintendo's stock price soared, but Nintendo pointed out that the new mobile phone game "Pok mon GO" on its profit contribution is limited, "line-height: 25.6px style= (July 25th) shares had plunged 17% that fell to 23 thousand yen level, but the price has risen since the launch of the game, from the earlier up to 1 times, down to the current 5.

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immediately went to Hongkong to catch the elves!


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