Who said that in the study of the earth and Australia can not see the handsome guy beauty? Readily shoot sit at the same table series, the value of the yen to God

Beautiful handsome Australia Arale

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who said that in the study of the earth and Australia can not see the handsome guy? Taking photos at hand table series, Yan value to God

said, is not easy to go abroad, in addition to learn some useful knowledge to technology. Take a look. And this is an open field of vision, it is bound to contain a look more handsome men and women to raise the eyes of horses. In Britain the study party has blue handsome and elegant British literary beauty, in the United States have direct sunshine beach boy and fashion girl fashion personality color waving... But when it comes to Macao, most foreign party is: NO FASHION! NO BEAUTY! In fact, Australia is really no hotties? Today home Jun yiyanbuge will face strength!

From Australia red scarf

home Jun good friend

Australian students voice their media

recently home Jun noticed study circle buddies collected a lot of Australian folk hotties, but in today's hotties sauce before...

let's look at a

news: according to the daily mail, in a new "color world value ranking list, Australian woman who ranked eighth men in third.

this list is called the fourth sexy national rankings, released by the MissTravel.com. The site surveys men and women from around the world, asking them to vote for the country with the highest value.

results showed that 49 thousand women involved in the selection of the most attractive men generally think of Canada, and the most sexy women from the United states. The top three list of women is the United States, Armenia and Canada, while men rank in Canada, the United States and Australia.

eye popping, Australia girls only ranked eighth.

so, there are a lot of people Tucao the Australian people, because they are still not satisfied with this ranking! They believe that the high value of the Australian actor actress Yan far. For example, "Monroe" actor Hugh Jackman plays, MJOLNIR Hemsworth and his brother Chris brother Liam Hemsworth.

"Monroe" and "hammer brother" such as Margot Robbie and Elle

actress Macpherson and Miranda kerr.

"Kerr" and "Hugh Jackman" | above the picture from the day post

MissTravel.com summed up the world rankings: male Yan value

1. Canada 2

< p>3.


5. America Australia Italy Spain 6 Korea 7 Ireland 8 Chile 9 10 British Pakistan

MissTravel.com summed up the women's world ranking 2 yen value:

1. USA Canada Armenia 3 4 5 Columbia 6 Philippines Cuba Bin 7 Barbados

8. Australia

9. Italy

" to be sure, the international recognition of Australian men and women for soil is not wrong: women ranked eighth in the world, but men in the top 3! so in the Australian folk, the students who have agreed to this rank? Actually is capital... Class=

"content_img_p" ready to do? A big wave of folk pictures are on the road... Let us have a look, the handsome guy to collect the study circle.

in soil Macao scattered folk guy

@S_ revolution buddy : Candid [Chanzui] in the library "img_box"

@ against strong>:

@Fiona either lean or die

@T O P : according to Lin Jia just brush micro-blog looked up......

@awkoku: I really think [goodbye] handsome classmate

@ of the wild she find a blue friend : high school students [smile] I think he we are looking for the best high school FB class= stole the figure

@ and w and the king: do roadside questionnaires completed marketing work met brother buddy help find myself using pictures of small partners to take you [thinking]

[img15 ]

@ mobile phone user 2775951151_406: we have no good brother in russia......

@ Chen Xiaoji : brother, Wowo [laughs]


@ Fu Temple: eat this Amway . Height 190. Chinese level ten. Everything is good except for the self timer.

@ Amauri Maomao chicken : Melbourne off guy, please call me Lei Feng Mao

@-Ooor:[smile] [smile] fitness coach [smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] [smile] 196 big legs ah ah

@ Ibrhimovic strictly ballroom: his grandmother Thomas Lacey ah, Yan, dance, song cry, also met in Melbourne.

@ Melbourne: right, small students PS win in the Australian figure! Sunshine! No more than look at the face and dress......

@ a LAO compared to : not more handsome enough!!!

@ Ku Rigel: forget to wear autumn is when I released male god film is not good but he pulled the bass photo has no power "


@ : don't eat dumplings Kaka Chinese Bridge championship, the height of 190~ [Doge]

. Touch halal juice
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