China's first research and development of automatic production line of phenolic resin

Domestic phenolic resin Design Institute production line

zhongguohangtianjian· 2016-07-28 21:05:22

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seven Institute of Design Institute of China's first research and development process of phenolic resin automatic production line

, Research Design Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Institute of China's first seven phenolic resin automatic production line has been in Beijing FRP Research Institute and put into use, breakthrough innovation.

Beijing FRP Research Institute is the FRP / composites industry in China's largest integrated application research and development institutions, its R & D and manufacturing high-quality composite materials are widely used in aerospace, transportation, electric power and other fields, is the only developed for military products to provide a resin material certification unit. The difficulty of

phenolic resin production line technology, complex technology, automated production lines, there is no domestic independent research and development, the existing production line of phenolic resin are from the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries imported, concentrated in the civilian field, the quality of the products can not meet the requirements of high quality.

to undertake this task, the design institute set up a special research team, team members by the design institute has accumulated 50 years of aerospace industry project technical reserves, wide access to a large number of literature, in-depth Beijing FRP Research Institute understand first-line technical level and requirements, after more than a year to design a reactor system, vacuum system, metering system, feeding system, control system, filtration system, composed of pipeline heat tracing system for the new automatic production line. The new production line through the use of pre judgment and step editing program, curing production module parameters and vacuum feeding, a new filter design method, overcome the reaction process can not be calculated, the heat load of the reaction end point judgment without accurate basis, dehydration is difficult to control the measurement, high precision, high viscosity, non nuclear floc many difficulties such as filtering, the final realization of the independent design and integration of phenolic resin automatic production line.

at present, the production line has been completed debugging and trial production, is expected to formally put into operation an annual capacity of 600 tons, the production line design has been highly recognized by Party A. New phenolic resin automatic production line was built, which achieves the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, reducing efficiency, and greatly improve the Beijing FRP Research Institute of product quality, provide strong support for China's industrial upgrading.

technology in recent years, adhere to the "three innovation" the guiding ideology for the lead, increasing scientific and technological innovation, the technological innovation has been put in the first position, vigorously improve its technical research and development strength, has 306 research and development of hospitals the first domestic semi automated sol-gel production line, developed a beryllium containing wastewater treatment dust integration and other production lines for the 7107 factory. The next step, the process design institute will persevere in-depth implementation of the seven hospital innovation and development, transformation and upgrading of strategic deployment, to explore the development of new practical process design institute, to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the seven hospitals.