After the United States and Russia finally also can make thermal imaging instrument

Production Russia tank thermal imaging instrument

tengxunzonghe· 2016-07-28 21:05:45

data figure: M1 tank thermal imager

original title: Media: Russia has produced a tank with thermal imaging technology

satellite news in Moscow in July 27, Russia's "news" reported that Russia has become fourth independent development of thermal imaging technology after the United States, France, after the country China. The enterprise of scientific research and production of the Russian

RPC "Istok" JSC and CRI « Cyclone» thermal imaging matrix Central Research Institute is ready for mass production as the basis of thermal imager, thermal imager can help vehicle crew in complicated weather, at night, smoke and dust environment, target discovery and human interference under the lights.

"news" quoted experts in the field of armored weapons expert Sergei · Suvorov said: "thermal imaging instrument is an important component of modern tanks. The thermal imaging instrument is capable of running in a completely dark zero visibility environment. Not only to see the target, but also to aim at. "CRI «

JSC; Cyclone» Central Research Institute representative Gorbunov said:" the production of the national matrix receiver is very important for maintaining national security and ensuring the level of modern civil technology. "

" news "quoted the RPC" Istok "company, the local development of the thermal imager will be equipped with the new" Amata tanks and "kurgans" APCs, "typhoon" armored vehicles, will also be used in light weapons and "needle", "willow" portable air defense missile on the sight.

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