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"first after 09 days, Wu sound value never is that he took the number 2009 world champion, but he changed the overall view of the entire gaming circles. He is the first highly educated professional players, but also the first successful transformation in retirement, to explore new business models of the people. He always knows what he wants. "The game is to win, when to push the line with a wave of killings, is the accumulation of advantage to win the race. "So, no matter in the game or in the life of the game, he has a benchmark for success. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" at half past two in the morning, Wu sound finally and I finalized in the day of the interview time. "The day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I have to fly to Beijing on business, or you will come to my house at 12 noon tomorrow. "From the Convention to meet, no more than ten hours. I come to

. Rang the doorbell, he quickly opened the door to me. He was barefoot, tall and lean, a black jacket draped over the body half. He was sorry to say that he had just got up and asked me to sit on the sofa for a moment. I looked around and found the water was friends known as the "creator" of the former DOTA world champion is still a big Indoorsman sun. Right across the living room there is a table, the table of the desktop has a huge display, headset, microphone and game handle idly in a corner. Is hanging on the wall of the sofa TV, the screen is terrible, and another display of the same thing is to stand on the right side of the sofa on the floor.

09 in the CBD residence in Shanghai can be seen in the layout of the room is very casual

he lit a cigarette, sitting on the side of the sofa. The black tight jacket has been worn on the body, the hair is neatly combed, the sun shines on his face, so that he looks very spirit. It is hard to imagine a big boy in front of the sun just after the 29 birthday next door kind is the three branch of the most promising domestic team boss and CEO of the two companies. Since the 2010 peak period after retirement, Wu sound out of the DOTA forest, the successful completion of the occupation from cybersports players to the transition team boss and businessman. Not only that, he also created a number of domestic precedent, to subvert the entire gaming industry's overall view. What made him so successful, is regarded as "the God of creation? And how is he out of a completely different from other people's retirement way?

" cannot be the first, join the first "

know there is a hot question is" whether it is worth the Wu sound? "Open the answer, whether it is praise or zero thousand answer back, almost all of his praise. Most of the answers, there is such a word, he has been very conscious to know what they want. "In other words, that is to say whether the game is his own life, he has the overall picture of the understanding.

, like most professional players, he found his love for the game in his childhood. "At that time I was one or two grade, plays with the red and white machine. Once my mother came back from far away, she just came in, I was chasing her to buy a game machine did not buy a game machine. She was very sad, I think she is not being, actually only care about the game. At that time, I felt that she was sad for some reason. "

" in junior high school, we all day. After school I went to play arcade and several classmates, then plays with what the king of fighters. I'm afraid my parents said I play games in the school when the job, I will study hard, to prepare for the exam very seriously. Because I got very good grades, so later my parents know that I did not blame me. "Speaking of here, there are some pride. I study hard is for the test, only the result is good, I have more freedom to do things that they like, such as playing games and so on. "

network transmission of the 09 most popular picture of how unruly face

high school Wu sound alone came to Shanghai high school. Out of the constraints of their parents, he began to play some of the more large-scale online games such as StarCraft. Due to its strong self-control and great talents, he was admitted to the Zhejiang University in 2005 with a high score of biological engineering. "To complete the parents of my expectations into the elite schools, college entrance examination results came out, I know that I finally liberated, can play as you like. "

" in fact, I was completing the electronic instruments and meters. Admission to the school's teacher contact me, said the ranking of health professionals better, my score is high, it is recommended that I go to graduate students. I saw the students to read the professional work for five years, the university can be more than one year, would not hesitate to agreed. "When

just came into the University, he was in touch with the very fire. Soon, he found his favorite girl played the game. Soon after, he became Zhejiang fully deserve Jin Orchestra Leizhu, girls also became his girlfriend.

in the University for second years, Wu began to play DOTA. With a response capacity of strong and advanced consciousness, he became the king of passers-by invincible. Play games with the brothers called him, set up a team of AVNC and WCG2007 in smooth out the favourites Html a famous battle corps. But soon, he found his DOTA level to a bottle neck.

09 young college he is rare within the circle of

was the strongest team of graduates is EHOME, "I want to be the one I can't, I will join the first. I especially want to go to a career, because I particularly think of the results. "In May 2008, GK and Longdd's recommendation, Wu sound from Zhejiang University, took a year, began to participate in the offline training.

the manager should have been opposed by his parents. "If you don't give me this chance, I'll regret it all my life," he said. After no matter out of the results, I will go back to read the book. "

then he took 12 titles and 3 runners up, including China's first DOTA professional world champion. At the same time also to build the country's most professional, the most formal, hematopoietic function of the best team. After he returned to the campus, successfully completed the industry.

talked about the past glory and splendor, Wu sound seemed clear, he said, "I am always aware of your goals. I want to win, I want to win. "

" before the results, the world will not care about your self-esteem, "

2009," the voice of the FTD team swept through the SMM09 international tournament and won the championship. But then less than a year later, he announced his retirement. When he was 23 years old, the age is the golden period of occupation eSports players. Many people feel sorry, he said, "I have been in the game proved himself, is the time to do something else. "

so he started his business. Like most college students, their team is full of ideas, but lack of experience and strong execution. The first venture of abortive attempts to Wu sound.

"at that time we wanted to be an auction site. For example, you are an opinion leader in the field, are you free this afternoon, you can take your time on our website to hang out the price tag. Users can see the click come in, get in touch with you, pay to get together with you in the afternoon tea, get the opportunity to talk with you. Have to say, this idea is very good, even in today also have no name of the website can do so. But you are very busy, and feel that it's too difficult to achieve, and then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

in a friend's recommendation, out of the enthusiasm of the DOTA does not extinguish, he was removed from home to get 200 thousand funds, both when the manager and when the manager, led LGD played in Malaysia in 2010 held in SMM games. A year ago, is here, Wu sound and his teammates took home the first world champion DOTA Chinese.

09 and his teammates played SGTY and win ZSMJ YYF

left for the right rear end is the defeat. Wu sound and the sponsor in the hotel when the team's face broke out a fierce quarrel. The rich two generations of the study in Australia, said Wu Sheng said, if you think you can earn 200 thousand a year to earn your own. "No capital Wu sound can only swallow quietly. "At that time, I was in the dark Malaysia Street on a night, think a lot, who did not have a little money, and finally in the hotel on the sofa and clothes to sleep overnight. When I go back to the duty-free shops, I only give my mother and girlfriend to buy some cosmetics. Someone asked me why I don't buy, I only smile. At that time I finally want to understand, before you do not make the results, the world will never care about your self-esteem. "

and now live a colorful life. Since 2010, he's in the production of Youku upload video, each click more than a million, nearly a million fans. At the same time he founded two companies, is the boss of the three FTD team. It is worth mentioning that, his four Taobao stores a year's net profit of up to 14 million.

"at that time LGD Malaysia played a great impact on my failure. I think people are older or to be independent, the economy is not independent, the personality can not be independent. I do. Now, because of the capital, so the pace of the team and style can follow me, but no longer is the two rich generation "private plaything.". "

" first after 09 days, all two thousand less "

2010 pocket at the end of the year, Wu sound began in Taobao's business test. He has a "big wine" brand opened four stores, sales of clothing, shoes and peripherals, snacks. Retired professional players to open Taobao store, before this there is no precedent. "At the time thinking about opening the Taobao store is out of the video on their own thirty seconds before the ad. Before those people will choose a fixed income advertisers, I think it is better to help others advertise their advertising. "Obviously, he has a super fan of the economy to control and advance the cognitive.

Zhang Ming is a 85 post Taobao venture owner, is also a fan of five years of sound. He told reporters, such as Wu sound circle celebrities from the beginning of its own traffic, so as long as the shop marketing well, can Everfount profit, and the boss is not the same as the start empty-handed. "This is a fan of the economy. But gaming circles are loyal fans, most of them are Indoorsman groups, watching their gaming idol all the way to grow, the idol to open a shop, of course, to support. This is different from the entertainment circle fans. A lot of girls to see a male god, a lot of Song Zhongji's' wives' have forgotten their 'ex husband' is who. "

and a known netizen said sharply" such as a mouse peripheral online price are the same, I certainly support Dionysus, believe that the quality will be better, after all, there are autographed. March 23rd is the sound of the birthday, he used this opportunity to launch a variety of packages, will be bundled sales of goods, once again earned a bowl full. It seems that this video flow into the Taobao store sales ideas though simple and rude, but as a printing press to Wu sound brought fast money.

09 has always been very enthusiastic about his fans have a strong economy to control

"first after 09 days of fans photo, all pocket two thousand. This sentence, although it is fun, but it is an excellent praise for his business mind. After a lot of players or anchor Wu sound this way see success, have to follow, but suffer from lack of experience. So there are rich resources and marketing experience of the manufacturers Wu sound homeopathic launched a third party gaming service company: battlefury. The mad war from the beginning of 2012 to help anchor gaming agent of Taobao stores and other business operations, currently its anchor has exceeded 100, including MISS, if the wind, ash and worth tens of millions of large coffee.

Battlefury company name from "Battlefury", it is an item in the DOTA, with this money props soon. According to the Battlefury company employees, the company has been able to provide the service for the eSports anchor fool. As long as the anchor has the content of the program, we will be able to provide him with a series of services from the shop to purchase and then to the decoration publicity. We can even give him a good slogan, and he did it on the show. "

an industry acclaim, Wu sound value is not that he has won many titles, but that he completely subvert the overall situation of China's electronic sports industry. This earned him the title of "the creation of God.".

in a few years ago, the development of domestic electronic competitive industry is not mature. Although the China Sports Bureau early in 2003 will be listed as one of the electronic athletics sports, but the mainstream of society still believe that playing games is a difficult climb, do things in good taste. Even the sound of Wu himself said "I was out of school to play games, although parents agreed, but they did not regard it as a future and I can hook things. It's just a little hobby for me as my son. Even now, they think I have more money than they do, their children would like to have dinner with me, I think I was the right decision is correct. "

09 live daily compared to DOTA 2 was more interested in the DOTA 1

live in such a big background, Wu sound is the success of a rod meaning. According to reports, before him few high quality players, many players had never graduated from junior high school out of occupation, making results bonus also do not know how to manage, many people began growing squander day. "Wait until the retired found himself did not live to do commentary proficiency in a particular line, poor image, even some can't speak Mandarin well, miserable, who was the last to be all-powerful operators, see the parking lot is not a few. "

Wu sound start to know what is the ultimate goal of the game, as he has been in the video stressed that" the game is to win, to kill when, with money to promote the wave, is to accumulate advantages, consumption of rivals to win contest. Whether it is from the game or the game of life, including the way out after the retirement, Wu gave all professional players have made an example.

talked about the status quo, Wu said he was in addition to do video, live, more busy in their company's trivial. "Two Mobile Games us nine fruit technology produced has been on the line, one is the" legend "is a creation, DOTA hero card games, based on very fun, you will love the girl. The other is a type of hook. We have a very down to earth app, called saire TV, you can see all kinds of high-definition video and fast game information inside, including dota 2, heroes Union, and other popular game hearthstone legend. "

09, nine fruit science and technology development Mobile Games" creation legend "screenshots for some network such as

said he" by the name of "quanqian DOTA negative comments, Wu said no ground for blame. He said, "when my team is out, they just shut up.". "

was silent for a while," he said. "I understand what they think, and they do it out of love for DOTA. Think I'm a businessman and I just want to make money. But my contribution to the game and personal sacrifice is certainly above them, so they say no reason. "Then he put out the cigarette, looked at the mobile phone," has been a little faster, we go to dinner. "

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