Show loving out! Li Chen shouted hot fan ye so reply

Fan Bingbing Li Chen show affection fit

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-28 23:21:42

Fan Bingbing

screenshot micro-blog Phoenix Entertainment News on July 28th, Li Chen micro Bo said "hot", and equipped with a lazy cat photos. In the afternoon, Fan Bingbing forwarded Li Chen's micro-blog, and wrote: "Bing Bing".

for the God of Bing Bing reply, netizens shouted abuse a dog, at the bottom have commented: "Bing Bing's dog slap in the face", "eat a mouthful of food and be caught off guard," this loving show I give out "the dog abuse, I would like to have a hot Bing Bing", "the two of you the food is enough, and the goose bumps off the ground. "

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