About 2700 yuan: SONY officially released the port version of VR PS

PS SONY selling price retail shop

ITzhijia· 2016-07-28 23:22:03

yesterday at the SONY PlayStation conference, SONY officially released the state line version of PS VR based version of 2999 yuan, and provide the basis for the suit and set optional, priced at 3299 yuan and 3699 yuan, beginning at noon today have to accept an appointment, interested users can directly in the online booking, PlayStation Tmall official flagship store SONY, Chinese outlets, SONY China online mall, SONY Tmall official flagship store, Jingdong, Tmall PlayStation official authorization store and PlayStation official website and authorized stores these outlets can be ( < /strong> update: the PlayStation / Tmall Jingdong official flagship store has not accepted the temporary appointment). In today's

at the PlayStation Asia Conference, SONY officially released the Hong Kong version of the PS VR, the price of about 2700 yuan, will begin in October 13th pre tomorrow, and the National Bank of Hongkong market, game player can be in ACGHK, PlayStation Platinum Shop or PlayStation online store, SONY mall to purchase.

in addition to Hongkong, SONY said in a press conference PS VR will log in Malaysia and Singapore and other regions, these regions can be pre game player in July 30th, but in the conference yesterday Da Takehito said PS VR will not lock area, so the game player can choose the right version of the purchase, from the current point of view based version of the National Bank and the Hong Kong the version is 300 yuan, for the game player or channels to buy more attractive.

configuration, SONY PS VR with a 5.7 inches AMOLED screen refresh frequency of 120Hz and 90Hz, the delay is less than 18ms, 360 degree head displacement capture, 9 LED light, from the angle of 100 degrees, Dual Shock 4 and PS Move spherical handle control rod. Update: SONY

said in an interview at the conference after PS VR clearly does not support the PC game; if the game player requires a strong welfare game can have, but have a trial and grading in China is still a problem.

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