Memories of the "Tom cat": in fact, we all look down on this children's game

Children's games memories hand travel human nature of the evil

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iOS game just fire up the iPhone, mobile phone vendors will often help you with some small games, many people will not use App Store, and very respected jailbreak.

pre game is nothing more than these: "angry birds", "cut the rope", "fruit ninja", "talking Tom cat" (hereinafter referred to as the "Tom cat")...... Only the "Tom cat" to all the young and old men.

for preschool children, to understand the slingshot shooting, cut the rope to stretch all the logic of falling objects is difficult, but it would cut fruit, but can not grasp the "combo" rules, to screen a random draw, you it posted a good film in order to ease.

"Tom" but the cat is too simple, speak into the microphone on the line, the only British Shorthair will repeat mystifying you, whether children is also listening to adults, will be laughing.

, in addition, you can also click on the screen to beat it, or make it fart, grab the screen.

don't know why, think it is fun, it is like a sound version of the magic mirror, twisted himself to laugh.

relatives bear children may not remember you look like, but remember that your mobile phone hidden in Tom cat, holidays, family gatherings, shyly ran through mobile phone, mobile phone has no electricity to play.

can let children bear quiet ten minutes, is definitely a big help.

adults also have love to play, a news report said: husband and wife quarrel, the husband took "Tom cat" recorded a short, two people laugh, successfully resolve family disputes. The old man had

. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" this year, the Chinese new year, Wuhan Road, found that the sum of his mother Tom iPad in the cat to speak. Mr. Lu is not understand, a "parrot" Tom cat no more. Did not expect the mother said: "usually is a person at home, the game will not, the Internet will not be bored to play this, at least I speak with a reply. "

don't believe, speak an echo, but also many young people habits alone need, play games, watch live chat, QQ, do you want to find a true" echo ", tell yourself: you are not a person in combat (decadent).

"Tom cat" May is the first universal UGC (user generated content) of the Mobile Games, of course when everybody does not know this name is UGC.

in foreign countries, "Tom cat" is detonated Lady Gaga and "Gangnam style", while in China, "Tom cat" was used to study Tucao, unhappy life, workplace, idiot boss is three working dog...... A variety of Tucao video through a large number of micro-blog and WeChat spread, ordinary passage of words, through the mouth of Tom cat out, especially funny, with a few words of authentic dialect, the program is better.

" because of the age, some of the classic video has been difficult to find a lot of video only through WeChat, leaving no archive, but we should also remember the classic "wood wood with ah".

this is because "Tom cat" was supported mostly outside the site, the domestic channel is very fragmented upload. Don't look now

UGC short video so fire, 6 years ago, "Tom cat" than it is now more fire, Papi sauce works can be said to be "Tom cat" upgrade version, we can not conclude that the Papi sauce is also learned from what, but the media has given them a bridge. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" "will speak Papi sauce" hand travel is currently being closely developed...... In this game, the player can choose different scenarios tuning Papi sauce, but the most distinctive feature of the Shanghai cavity English, Taiwan, northeast of the cavity and other features of the language package requires the purchase of gold coins. Ecological closed-loop

Outfit7 also hope to be able through the game built-in video recording sharing function to create a UGC video, Tucao barrage tucao. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" was later confirmed that this is a false news.

to funny funny, "Tom cat" to help children and some imagination: strengthen self consciousness and relieve autism.

humans are the only species with a sense of self, that is, "their own understanding of their own", the cat to see in the mirror of their own will think it is someone else, but only humans know that the goods is their own.

preschool children have to "I" have a preliminary understanding, began to try to achieve self will, on the screen that just repeating himself the cat, is the most direct feedback on the self will. Class= img_box "

autism is needless to say, Tom cat can encourage children to speak, this is the key step in their autism.

" but "Tom cat" has been a hidden behind parents and animal activists worry about violence.

is obvious: the beating of the British short is a cruelty to animals. Mhmm flap Tom's head, belly, feet, until it become unconscious, after a few seconds, it is with what happened, climbed up to accept the assault.

may live shouting "how can eat rabbit" girls, to the game will play music to die.

this may be an example of the evil of human nature.

. Okay, but the kids play together, may be bad, this is actually the foreign media from the beginning to worry about, you know, "Tom cat" was originally a junior to the game, took this into account. Outfit7 developers joined the Non Violence function and child mode, game player action will automatically be touched. Class= img_box "

the British "Guardian" questioned the "talk of Angela" the role of education.

as the "Tom cat" behind the hero, Outfit7 has been very low-key, very few members of the company in the media can not find what story, we only know that CEO called Samo Login, the search engine in Slovenia, the company's slogan is:


, we often complain that the manufacturers in order to make money over consumption of IP, the most typical to create a number of "angry birds" of Rovio, in contrast, Outfit7 can represent the rational consumption of IP, the company for 6 years, all the game revolves around the "Tom cat" this IP, currently has 6 characters, 15 games, all children puzzle to global downloads has exceeded 4 billion 500 million times, the latest film is "Tom cat" parkour.

is now in retrospect, "Tom cat" during the pre game all is difficult to go beyond the classic, now flying F2P Mobile Games cannot be compared with the US, do not pay can really play happy before, now we don't pay do not play for fun. They created a

compatible F2P mode, but nobody expected a few years after the F2P will become so insidious. Class= img_box "

if you do not feel happy one day, may wish to try to re play the "Tom cat".

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