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jihewang· 2016-07-29 00:44:52

"DJ MAX" today, the official Youtube channel discloses new series "DJ MAX Respect" the second trailer for the series, fans can see the revival of the IP has been thrilled.

the scheduled landing PS4 host in January 2017, for the 10 anniversary of the game series works as "all-in-one", contains 2 tracks, Portable1, with a local double mode, arcade mode and online mode and mission mode, considered in the form of DLC for other works.

yesterday at SONY before the exhibition conference we also saw the trailer skewers, Chinese tentative name for the "music" peak: a tribute, although we do not know whether the smooth introduction of the domestic game, but at least it is a good sign. And in the trailer we can also see many familiar tunes, such as "A.I.", "BlythE", "OBLIVION" and "of the moonlight End" and so on.

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