Olympic Football New Rules: no look at these, how to score you do not know!!!


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or 22 people after 1 goals for the upcoming Olympic Games football tournament next season with the National Football League, the football match and the new change down down down

(a part of football rules for the coming Olympic Games football tournament, so please read carefully!!!)

< section>1 the referee can show a red card in the game before the kick-off for example, players in the dugout fighting. The red card, the team can be replaced with a substitute, ensure the kick off team of 11 people.

Eindhoven vs

Vittoria Lawrence Feyenoord Matthiessen and Paterno players in the tunnel brawl

Chelsea vs Manchester City

from the locker room to go to the stadium, both players have to pass through at the same time tunnel, this is when both players greet each other greeting, there should not be two sides war battlefield in order to promote friendship, players, players if war will be very severe punishment.

should like this on

2 player kicking off, the player can kick off in any direction. Before the kick-off does not allow any of the players standing on the other side.

break-word! "In the European Cup, we have seen so many wonders, from the original double kick-off, until now, a kick-off, football is really too much progress.

! "Single tee

  lonely kick off - Davies

had not been allowed to kick back, forward and pass it to return. Now, at only one person, of course, two people can be. The new rules, there is a kind of "all rivers run into sea" around.

3 player must be a color and a pair of shorts leggings.

Swiss general Behrami is clearly in line with the provisions of the

white shorts with white pants, black and white with such great

Neymar, later will not allow

such a little tricks, but still allow the underpants tones similar to

in order to solve this problem, a unified England team to prevent

< br />
4 throwings, must throw the ball with both hands, at the same time, does not allow a single hand, the other hand.




a hand? NO! NO! NO! What's the



is better than me??? Not standard!!!

5 if a corner, direct the formation of offensive goal, then the goal is invalid, and the other a penalty corner.

simply explain what is oolong corner?

is not a corner kick the ball, but the defender

, as shown in figure

the corner kick to his brother, the door on the blue arrow is shot, the flight path of football.

so if you can get into the own, then the football will have no love!!!

I'm not saying that you...

6 injured players can receive treatment for about 20 seconds in the field, and then the game continues. Without the sideline treatment, then the referee nodded before approaching.

European Cup final, after C Lo injured, in the course of treatment, such as no need to wrap up the case, can stand up and continue the game, if you need to wrap it must end.

like this small injury, can continue the game, but this treatment soon is ecstasy!!! Data-id= >


first step: Ball State, the referee suspended gestures

second steps: collective water

so as to avoid the game because of drinking water and the other was the goal of embarrassment!!!

and so on, I'm still drinking water

can not let me have a good drink!!!

this could be traced back to 09 years of the famous Darren bent scored event.

I shoot ~~~

I flutter ~~~

results into the beach ball

real football

door it!!!

will also question the referee before the referee, and then now, in June 1, 2016, the ball, 100% of the goals.


because you don't know her remove obstacles!

because you can't handle much disturbance to the line of sight!

because you only know to retreat to the gate line!

can't activity, remove obstacles!

because... (the heart is tired!!!) Data-id= >


scold me! Watch brand!

also called me! Watch brand!

and then scold me a try!!!

look at the cards!

look at my left hand, right hand, a slow motion

penalty!!! There are four substitutions per team

10 three, regular time, overtime match enabled fourth places. Source:


reprinted from the public number:

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