Baby sleeping bed full roll, parents can sleep?

Baby sleep Dad summer

taipingyangqinziwang· 2016-07-29 10:35:19

years old baby, sleep quality is obviously a qualitative leap, those countless tiring night waking, night cream, also left, the baby began to sleep the whole night, parents can not help but secretly applauded, the whole family to sleep until dawn days come back. But don't get too excited, "hard times" is not over yet, parents come back "involvement", because another new sleep problems, coming!

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!! is the baby sleep through the night, there is a new problem that is sleep, sleep is not practical, a full night bed roll. Especially with the bed mother, the baby does not stop during sleep the turning of the body, get parents sleep, at this stage, the baby sleep, but parents have to wake up in the night countless.

parents are helpless to complain: why can't the baby like adults, restful sleep? Even my parents will worry, baby sleeping bed full roll does that mean there is health risks?

bed full roll majority is normal

for the baby to sleep is basically a bed full of problems, we roll "enthusiastic parenting career grandma Zhang Silai had explained. She believes that the baby to bed full bed rolling phenomenon, most of them are normal.

from the child's own point of view, if the night keeps turning up, then the child may be in active sleep stage, this time the parents need not too much intervention, do not have to worry about the child's sleep is not real. Sometimes the children play too excited to sleep during the day, when the cerebral cortex part of the region is still in the excited state, there will be around in bed.

from the environmental point of view, if the child is in bed too much, was caused by excessive sweating, or the bed is excellent, room temperature is not appropriate or not warm quilt will cause the child repeatedly turn over. There is a possibility that the child is not too comfortable to eat dinner, too cool, too full, gastrointestinal discomfort, but also will lead to restless sleep.

according to the above Zhang grandmother's guidelines, we can first from the environmental point of view to improve the phenomenon of the baby full bed. Baby in bed / cover amount, control the room temperature, the summer can open air conditioning to sleep, put on a soft bed, warm and comfortable bed and so on, these are very easy to do. What is the


back to the top of the most difficult? That is my parents done these things, or to the baby bed full roll, it shows that the baby is all right, just roll the inevitable growth. This time, the time to test my parents. How better to accompany the baby through the growth stage, the need to practice some "internal" Caixing!


" attitude decides action, words are not wrong, when you know the baby bed full roll is a normal the phenomenon, can those tensions, panic, fear up before go to sleep, rest assured, not the baby a little movement immediately get up observation. It easy Take, as long as the baby does not fall off the bed, as he rolled to the bar, parents have to add to sleep.

2, enhance the patient

bed full roll baby, always when you are sleeping, a left hook and a right kick. This time the parents who need more, can endure!! can enhance their endurance! It is necessary, in the course of time, you will find that your endurance up to another level, that is to allow the baby still can not sleep as cuff and kick, error. To do this, the sleeping target reached. Usually this trick, the heart of the father are more easy to get started and master. Because sleep stage is the growth of each child must let parents anxious, nervous, are of no help. Patience is the best way.

3, can't sleep too dead

keep their parents identity, even sleep to keep a sober, when the baby slept askew to help him adjust position, or kick quilt to cover his quilt, or in bed before falling at a crucial moment when his fishing back from the bed, these are the parents to do. The so-called existence value, is by the hard work to brush out. Mom and Dad, a lot of refueling Oh!

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