"Rainbow Six siege" this weekend offers a free trial now to be able to play

Over the weekend demo free steam

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-07-29 10:41:52

"Rainbow Six" will be in August 2nd to join the new expansion pack, at the same time, this week is also a good chance to try the game. Ubisoft announced "Rainbow Six" will be free to play in the siege of Xbox One and PC of the upper limit, the specific time for the U.S. local time July 28th to July 31st.

from now on, you can download and play the first person shooter game, game player Xbox One need Xbox Live gold membership, while the PC version is free and open to all users of Steam and Uplay. Full game is still in store sales, if you still want to continue to play after the attempt, may wish to buy a full version of the game, the current "Rainbow Six" siege on the two platforms are on sale.

"Rainbow Six siege" the next expansion pack called "skull rain", including a new map and new operational role, the new map of all the game player is free, you will need to purchase a new role, of course, if you've bought a season ticket can immediately get.

in the "Rainbow Six" had limited siege launched a $15 "starter" (now the shelf), in order to promote this seems Ubisoft is also a very big mind.

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