Since it is not a guide to international pictures, the Edison Chan and the Orangemen will have what relation

Edison Chan national foot

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< /span> 1.6; 14px; both last year with a three episode documentary again sparked heated debate, Edison Chan has once again become the focus of network public opinion. The night of 27 July, he suddenly through the micro-blog of Taiwan's beauty Lin Chiling shouted, instantly a ripple. />

so, the problem is coming, he and Chinese football really will have what relationship? Hugo also face Meng force......

let us first time pointer back 2008. In January 26th of that year, pornographic incident by a netizen exposure in the paper. Almost a month later, Edison Chan under the weight, come forward to apologize and announced the indefinite exit entertainment.

in the entertainment circle vortex Edison Chan, and in the majority of the audience Chinese national football, in the Olympic event in 2008 in a hitherto unknown trough.

the next few years, Edison Chan to flee the United States, and in the public eye almost disappeared. While China football in defeat again and again, continue to the bottom again shehei gambling bottom.

to 2011, overseas dormant for nearly three years of Edison Chan through the shop, record the way carefully "return to the entertainment circle", he even to participate in the Hongkong marathon way of announcing its return. At the same time, China football in drug trafficking crime, Wanda regression, a lot of good Hengda the rise began to rebound.

as the saying goes. The return of the road is not long, but it is not smooth; similarly, the revival of the process will encounter all sorts of repeatedly can harvest fruit.

after a few years, Edison Chan did not continuously close to him once had achieved superstar status, but are slightly low-key farewell him myself. Until 2015, a "" the people to answer within reach of all his doubts.

China football, with super into the golden age, began to accumulate the rebound force, the Asian Cup victory broke into the top 8, Hengda two AFC Champions League king...... Dawn seems to be too far away.

again at the day of July 27, 2016, three FA Cup and Zhang Yuning, Lin Liangming is like a raging fire, a small country in Europe U17 perspiration comes down like raindrops, Xinjiang and the European talent exchange, Mongolia Russia youth in Hohhot, friends with the ball, sparks of fire has begun a liaoyuanzhishi. />

do not stand, do not hold prejudice, let God's return to God, let Kaiser Kaiser, is willing to all to the good.

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