She is another snow did not blame the audience blind Yang Zihong

Purple light snow audience eyes

tanzi· 2016-07-29 18:59:08

spoke of "families with children" in the snow, you emerge in the mind of the picture is so ↓

, however, the "family with children" a total of four, Yang Zi played the first two, because of preparing for the college entrance examination Yang Zi, declined third, two is played by actor Ning Danlin ↓ but it seems to be forgotten is completely

first look at Yang Zi, in recent years has been the brainchild of

2010 admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, the same year, with Jiang Wenli, John Sun Chun, starred in the TV series "happiness to knock"

11, and Wu Xiubo, Hai Qing starred together the TV series "intention"

12, joined the youth inspirational idol drama creation Qiongyao "claustrophobia non fog fog"

14, is to play the leading role, production team jointly led by director Sheng hole, and veteran Wallace Huo partner starred in the war theme idol drama "war" Changsha, successful transformation, get the audience praise

year, partner Yang Zhigang starred in the legendary drama "big red" yangko dance female Wu Ruoyun, acting

15, Yang Zi officially announced to join the costume fantasy IP" Zhu Xian Yun Zhi ", Li Yifeng Lu Xueqi starred in a small partner meat angle

16, second Co director Kong Sheng Yang Zi the team work of the" Ode to joy ", once aired, it has gained great social repercussions, in an interview with producer Hou Hongliang is behind Yang Zi played very good, the audience into the"

in the same year, Qin Junjie starred in the partner. The play "dragon legend", really is a model!

in the past few years, Ning Danlin has not been idle, was checked, she played two television dramas!

, for example, "the slightest heart" in the Wang Xiangru

"kill the wolf flower" Xia Baozhu in the "

is not heard of, uh, jar also, there are many can not find her character! ~

in her resume is very out of color

3 first exit in the Hong Pan film "taxi" in women

6 years old children admitted to the film school performance

13 years of immigration to the United States School of Broadway Art in New York, majoring in stage show

15 years studying in Michigan, WCSPA, the and color become a combination of members of

19 year old retired "families with children" 3-4

but then, she has been in decline, still sexy farther down the road of "

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to see these photos, the jar was shocked! This I know little sister? Class= img_box "

2011" years, it was more out of Ning Danlin in the parking lot by a man beaten!

29 year old she was still 18 line struggle, some time ago is Yang Zi Qiao Zhenyu and rob! In the TV drama "marry" fashion, sharp eyed netizens actually found two "Snow"

woman is "Snow" Yang Zi, and the male is a pair of happy friends

woman with, well, is the "Snow" Ning Danlin, who plays the male master unforgettable first love

, of course, women or the female with a powerful aura to kill a completely routed, successfully seize the male heart

recently, Yang Zi and Zhang Yishan, You Haoran and Song Dandan begin to interact in micro-blog frequently, also called a "mother" and "brother"

23, Ning Danlin has also made a article on the "family with children" of micro-blog, but the style is like this, see the jar to tears. "

comments that girl, you are scolded or scolded ah ah

jar finally, want to say to you is that we don't hate you, just as First impressions are strongest in Yang Zi's" Snow ", but also by Yang Zi trying to get rid of the role of stereotypes, to get recognized by the audience, actors, acting and work should take! Class= img_box "

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