When you are old, what is the most regret in your life? Top 5 global statistics


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when you are old, " white hair, " drowsy. when you are old, " 1.6;" walk, " the memories of youth.


92% young people regret when hard enough to accomplish nothing.

An idle youth a needy age, the time of youth always goes so quickly. In the youth, and often encounter so much temptation and even trap, when you suddenly wake up, perhaps the white hair early, only to find that they have nothing to do.

most people follow a herd of attitude to life, learn from others he is learning, he also works for others, he is entertaining people entertainment, nature, what others, he could not get more. If you want to get what others can't get, you need to pay the price, especially when you are young. So, while you still have time and energy, when the energy to work hard, to make a feasible plan, then according to the plan to never yield in spite of reverses a step forward, you will eventually succeed.


62% people regret inappropriate for their children's education.

the child is a continuation of their continuation, the hope of life, many people for the children of all, and endure all the pain and grievance. But see, hope women into the Phoenix may only be one-sided wishes for parents, children, they may just want to do a simple happiness of ordinary people. As a result, many parents have taken the mandatory, supervision and even sticks and other means to force their children to design their own line of development. In the end, most parents had to face the reality when disappointed, only a handful of so-called "success" exception, but they also feel children in these years is too bitter, did not enjoy the happiness and sunshine of childhood, youth should have.


drunk know wine, love right. Emotional aspects of things, always do not know how to cherish, lost after the precious. The two substances never a human invention, one is to water, the two is regret. When I was young, I did not cherish, forgive and understand. When I was young, I had no regrets.


45% people regret not treat your body.

the body is the capital of revolution, it will never become obsolete, many people use the body to buy everything before the age of 60, after 60 years of age and physical health for all. The world does not have what thing is more important than your health, have a good body, there are tens of millions of family property and how? "

, because when I was young to regret, to improve, and once into old age, many things can not be changed. So, while we are young, we should study hard, more happy, don't let yourself to old to sigh everything into wasted.

below is the old man's heart, see:

when children. I am old, hope their children don't abandon me. Now I need to take care of you, as you are small, I take care of you, please be more patient with me.

when I am old, hand often tremble, eat often spill soup on clothes, don't abandon me, for me a little more patience, just like when you were young, too often spill soup on clothes.

when I am old, walk a mobility, want to go out in the sun, just like when you were little, I used the car to push you out of the sun.

when I am old, speak often forget where, so I put it all over again to say it again, please give me some time, let me think about it, then I did not say to finish it. In fact, I do not talk about what is important, please be more patient with me.

when I am old, whenever at night, I will repeat it again and you are tired of it, I hope you don't interrupt my mind, just like when you were young, I told you a hundred times the rabbit's story, until you fall asleep with a smile.

old man's life was so busy to come, old to want their children to be more patient, less irritable treat them. Because in the near future, we will gradually grow old, will be like the old man, hope that the children are good to us.

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When you are old, what is the most regret in your life? Top 5 global statistics