Interview, Zhang Peng: the quest for new variables that promote industry evolution

Industry Zhang Peng

jikegongyuan· 2016-07-29 22:36:18

  "geeks Park micro signal: geekpark < /strong>

below is the FellowPlus venture capital figures (id:IamFellowPlus) geeks Park founder & CEO  Zhang Peng interview video interview: Song Xiaofan .

" does not become the next one, becoming the first myself. "

this sentence is the geek Park slogan,

is Zhang Peng think through the media of the transition to the world to convey the voice of.

good content is on the

but good content need more power.

Zhang Peng in this video,"

said he is how to make good content more powerful,"

how to let people understand his transformation,"

and his definition of geek.

- enjoy -

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; geeks Park (geekpark)

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