Apple's Shanghai plant to achieve automation 20 people can top 100

Apple Foxconn Pegatron on behalf of the factory

ITzhijia· 2016-07-30 00:01:11

according to foreign media reports, apple second generation factory Pegatron Technology (Pegatron) has followed the veteran Foxconn (Foxconn) pace enabled automatic chemical plant project. , according to the company's chairman Tong Zixian (T.HTung) revealed that the news that the most direct impact of this project is to significantly reduce the number of new employees will be significantly reduced. It is reported that

, with more than 50 thousand workers Pegatron factory in Shanghai has enabled the automation production line, is currently the factory needs only 20 people qualified previously need hundreds of people to complete the work of . At the same time, the plant has now reduced its recruitment needs.

needs to be pointed out that in 2015 the media had exposed the existence of Pegatron factory in Shanghai labor salary is too low, excessive overtime and accommodation conditions etc.. According to Apple's official guidance for its foundry manufacturers, the factory workers do not work for more than 60 hours a week. The actual survey results show that the factory works 60 hours per week or less the number of workers accounted for only 42%. At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the law Chinese pre job training for new staff at least 24 hours. But the factory only provide 8 hours of training, but mandatory staff admitted that have accepted safety training for 20 hours.

at present, we do not know how many factories around the large production lines to automation, but it sure is this solution at least to help the company to solve two problems. first, the lower level of assembly work has been increasingly difficult to recruit people; second, and constantly improve the industry's salary standards for the company's enormous cost pressures.

in addition, 's automatic production line of human start and lower cost will indirectly benefit for apple. Because the future of Heshuo OEM orders quotation may be reduced, which is apple products to create higher profit margins.

, in fact, in recent years, Foxconn Technology Group as the world's largest manufacturer of electronic industry, in the "lights factory", "machine substitution" construction has made great progress, and the company also in automatic production line a big step. For example, the number of employees at Foxconn's Kunshan plant in Jiangsu has been reduced from 110 thousand to 50 thousand since the start of the automation project.

specifically, Foxconn in the "4 industrial automation intelligent production line one of the production process, 15 sets of equipment in the care of 3 workers a day can produce 1 million 300 thousand pieces of intermediate products, completely subvert the past hundreds of workers in the same production line with capacity operation history. In the hot melt welding workshop of the joint of the connecting line of the production, the mechanical arm is replaced by the two molding operation of the human in the dark environment. Moreover, each production line only need 1 people to monitor the machine, but every 12 hours of production can break through 20 thousand.

but at the same time, people for social economic contraction this human centralized plant transformation may bring also had some concerns, because of the appearance of robots is forcing tens of thousands of people will have to look for work in it. Kunshan is a large number of migrant workers in the region, if these people leave in large quantities, it will affect not only their own, but also on the local subsidiary of the impact of the economy.

reported that Pegatron will undertake some iPhone7 orders this year, mainly is 4.7 inches iPhone7 models, while the 5.5 inch iPhone7 Plus will be another apple foundry Foxconn responsible for production.

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