Ono Yoshitoku: look forward to the new DLC or return Gouki, released in December

Onokazu justice noe more games

jihewang· 2016-07-30 00:06:14

China in Shanghai during Joy 2016, again with the kernel to "Street Fighter 5" project leader Ono Yoshitoku and Ayano Tomoaki talk about some letters for the information, including the game player are more concerned with the subsequent DLC, more games and the domestic network status, the following is the full text of the group's visit.

Q: now we have to play to Julie, also means that the first wave of DLC is coming to an end, so could you tell us about "Street Fighter 5" plan for the future of DLC?

A: about the next DLC...... Should be in the first year of December to December of the second year is a rhythm, a DLC no public information but from December is not far away! So you know!

Julie DLC is the season second last update: whether the role

Q will reply in Arcade mode?

A: a traditional model: receive a lot of feedback, this study is the

5 "

Q" Street Fighter arcade mode there is no serious: so like this piece of information will be substantially updated?

A: CJ brings news next year! (false!)

Q: "EVO" in the Akuma Tekken 7 project's color, then how you see Onokazu? (this is a great question!)

A: now send Gouki in business, I hope he can get good grades and return as soon as possible "Street Fighter 5"!


Q war" Akuma Tekken 7: "Street Fighter 5" will appear in the "iron fist" series of role?

A: because PS4 is the exclusive game, we do not like Mario, nor to cinderella......

Q: why is Onokazu old clothes, hishino every time COS Chun li......

A: Ono Yoshitoku: (to the media) you are still too young, five or six years ago, I (refers to Ono Yoshitoku) COS, after all, is also a director of the level of people, can not do so ha ha...... So give it to the young people.

and now Ono Yoshitoku has to wear casual clothes, but heavy handed to Ayano Tomoaki COS......

Q: once the "Street Fighter 5" also had the similar daily tasks of this kind of idea, what time will it?

A: the daily task of this partial network of play, do have this idea, but with the experience in the future.

Q: what time will the series of mini games come back?

A: we are in the "Street Fighter 4" joined the game, but the response is not very good...... So when the "Street Fighter 5" was canceled, if 1 billion 300 million people feel that you need to do! We hope that the street can sell 1 billion 300 million pieces, but do not know PS4 can sell 1 billion 300 million units! (God's humor)

"Street Fighter 4" taxi mini game

Q: there is a problem, there are many areas of the country are suffering from the status of the network suffering, some can not be matched, some often dropped, which I do not know whether you understand.

A: we use CAPCOM ID and related algorithms to do fit, because PSN will go through Hongkong and back so unstable. In fact, our technical team in fact, every day in the adjustment, I hope the players can send the feedback directly to the official BBS, convenient for us to collect environmental information. In addition, Japan also has this unstable situation, and network service providers may also have a relationship, the problem may be very complicated, but we will focus on solving these problems...... Then vigorously added: I heard that the shorter the better ID CAPCOM search? Ono Yoshitoku: it's a rumor!

Ono Yoshitoku also said: the reason of network instability are sometimes more service providers and network settings on issues such as prime time will be relatively slow, but in our own present situation is not satisfied with the server.

with roughly the content above, although we all know a lot of information we can now say that from the wild, but for the content of the follow-up service is worth looking forward to, also hope to December of this year, "Street Fighter 5" can bring game player new surprise.

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