Virtual reality technology will change what industry? Experience the magic of this video

Virtual reality technology industry

dashujubang· 2016-07-30 10:51:21

I don't play rascal, the first to come the video to see ~ too magic smile ~

! Users to enjoy the VR experience after the exaggerated facial expressions, is often said that the" VR Face ", the basic will shock, horror and incredible. But in the eyes of passers-by, purely like a full of idiots, then the experience of what really see it?

VR and

! Game, it is suggested that VR is one of the industry's most easily touch, but also the most money". Whether it is role-playing, racing or action game, is the public most looking forward to the field of VR development. In the simulation of driving, VR has a lot of application space. Style= max-width: "VR can provide almost a consistent experience with the real environment, and the required equipment is not complex. Wu Jue, a big advantage is that you can exercise to run, "min-height: 1em style= />

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this is the scene that has been realized. People wear glasses, at home to experience the IMAX level of the film effect, can see the number of films and concerts is the speed of light to increase. In addition, some companies have started shooting VR movies, the film's immersion feeling more intense. Jue Wu believes that the visual application of home entertainment is also a direction.

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! Now, storm mirror development" bliss kingdom "is the world's first VR social gaming platform, combining the VR unique real immersive experience and social perfection, to create a virtual reality game world. in "bliss kingdom", game player can experience comparable to realistic VR social, beautiful and sexy maid, develop large VR online games "peek-a-boo CS", single boutique VR shooting game "biochemical crisis", is a set of social, games, entertainment, shopping, social VR virtual world. Because you know, Wu Jue lurking inside individual storm technology in a small shareholder, ~

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11 just over double Go, already some people are ready to back the package, because the clothes do not fit. If you can put on the body before the next one, may be able to save a lot of freight.

VR glasses can solve this problem. ! "After wearing glasses, buyers can search for clothes that fit in the mass of clothes, a piece of in the body of the fitting. Does not fit? The right hand gently waved immediately disappear, the next automatic wear. This is not called Smart Mirror? Also set on the concept of VR is very good, the country has a few friends have feelings in doing this, and then, waiting for the same feelings of investors. However, feelings can burn long, see the commercial application of ~

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! The end of October this year at the American NBA The opening game of the new season, the world's first to use the VR technology to broadcast the NBA game. Fans at home wearing VR glasses, as if out into the first row of the NBA game. Style= max-width: "
the domestic sports events are also broadcast with VR technology. In November 6th this year, CKF (Chinese KongFu) international team three race in the first station in Xi'an to combat sports center in the war.

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