The introduction of "Sade" no end of trouble for the future of South Korea

South Korea SA De Navy missile

fenghuangjunshi· 2016-07-30 12:19:53

Author: Zheng Jiyong

South Korea suddenly announced the deployment of "Sade" system, and quickly announced deployment for Gyeongbuk seongju. A ripple, the deployment of "Sade" not only disturbs the military and security in Northeast Asia peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia to bring serious worries.

military provocation and strategy of self destruct

South Korean media said the deployment of "Sade" Pu Jinhui (president), Kim (national security chief), Korea seeking (secretary of Defense) "three party" to promote the results, Han Guoguo will bypass the legal interpretation of legislative procedures, the implementation of stubborn opposition pressure. There is no doubt, from the perspective of military security, the deployment of "Sade" will lead to the eastern and Northern Strategic Warning Chinese quantity reduce or even disappear, in this area China, military deployments and military activities and even the hinterland will also be detected. The deployment of "SA de" is undoubtedly a huge threat to China, is a provocation to China's military security.

from the perspective of strategy, deployment of the "Sade" became to break the strategic balance in East Asia pry point, South Korea will therefore slide into the pit strategy. Originally, the Northeast Asian region is in the balance of power in the fragile, and South Korea and the United States deployed "Sade" led directly to Northeast Asia strategy of power imbalance, it will lead to an arms race in the rebound, or even unable to pick up arms race "extreme" phenomenon, directly destroyed the barrier in the Korean Peninsula war "bolt", threatening to restart all countries in the region. Moreover, South Korea will become the leading edge of strategic confrontation with the deployment of sa. Therefore, the deployment of South Korea "Sade" is to seek the strategy to self destruct in a sense.


choose political diplomacy from political and diplomatic misjudgment, although the "Sade" deployed in the territory of South Korea, but the right of control by the master, the military intelligence obtained is shared by South Korea and the United States have the final say. Korea postponed indefinitely asked the United States returned to South Korean military operational command, which means that South Korea's military sovereignty has been completely turned over to the United States, South Korea is only U.S. knife row: the earliest perception of war, joined the war, had no power to decide whether the war. The deployment of "SA de" means that South Korea for the formation of a new security pattern in East Asia chose one side.

South Korea called "Sade" is the "defense missile threat from North Korea", "made in America", to shirk responsibility with the United States "duet", which in fact is the consumption of China on its strategic trust. South Korea has been in "Sade" on China's response is "no discussion" "deployment" "no response", has repeatedly indicated that "at least during Pu Jinhui's term of office will not make a decision", or "visual action and sincerity on the nuclear issue on the China to adjust the deployment schedule, with the requirements of Chinese some foreign diplomacy, this is tantamount to fraud.

South Korea finally decided to deploy "SA de", in such irresponsible actions to respond to China's actions on the issue of the peninsula. From the timing, the South Korea announced the deployment of SA de choice before the so-called South China Sea arbitration case, a serious miscarriage of justice in China will be caught in the South China Sea issue, ignoring the "SA de" deployment. South Korea and even to imagine that, as long as the place to lie down and be out of touch with reality, from the current domestic and international criticism of the domestic pressure, the opposition and China will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Such tactics in many issues of world no more events, Korean comfort women, the Jeju naval base, once tested. The United States to fight each other, and advance secretly by an unknown path behind the cover of shirking its responsibility, of course, will seriously damage relations between China and South Korea, the South Korean government is undoubtedly a major diplomatic miscalculation.

Korea deploy "Sade", is undoubtedly a key step in the United States to return to Asia Lazi set game, US South Korea military cooperation mechanism will further implement the peninsula south will become the United States and many other advanced weapons to combat deployment strategy in Northeast Asia, the pressure will be further concentrated in the mid Island, East Asia will once again tear crack. East Asia Strategic tensions has been Chinese diplomacy in stead of the East Asian countries also need to work together. To bear the heavy area of strategic tensions is the peninsula, peninsula peace and unity in a split dream will be lopsided, permanent, it will become the largest political heritage park Geun hye of the government, but also the most unfortunate of Korean nationality.

mutual trust and cooperation between China and South Korea frustrated

trade exchanges, rapid development of cultural exchanges, which is obvious to see the reality. However, China ROK relations have long been subject to the low level of military security and mutual trust. Often encounter security issues, economic and trade and cultural exchanges have become a negligible presence, military security and mutual trust has become the development of China ROK relations ceiling".

deployment of "SA de", the political damage to China and South Korea relations will seriously affect the nature of bilateral economic and trade exchanges. South Korea is one of the few military enterprises is South Korea's large enterprises, for which few large enterprises dominate the national economy of South Korea, to counter the large enterprises will inevitably affect the global economy, it is an inevitable logic caused by economic and political. At the same time, China and South Korea's strategic trust level decreased will also affect the bilateral cultural exchanges, cool travel to korea. The 2015 MERS period, Chinese of fewer tourists on the South Korean economy is still visible before the eyes hit.

deployment "Sade" will further deepen mutual hostility and isolation between North and South Korea, the two countries will also bring mutual benefit model of neighboring countries appear in contacts with the two countries of hesitation and tangled, regional economic "island" and "black hole" phenomenon will be more serious. In today's economic ties with unprecedented close, South Korea has made a choice of self isolation.

South Korea is facing military, diplomacy, economy, safety pressure will suddenly soared, this is South Korea brought results. South Korea needs to weigh the order of priority, consider a variety of cool consequences, make wise judgment, avoid the consequences, regret a previous mistake.

(author of the Department of Fudan University, director of the center for Korean studies,)

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The introduction of "Sade" no end of trouble for the future of South Korea

The introduction of "Sade" no end of trouble for the future of South Korea

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