China quality! Strong earthquake in China, China building collapse

Strong earthquake China quality earthquake

zhongxinwang· 2016-04-22 21:55:59

China News Agency, Beijing, April 22 - 7.8 local 16 strong earthquake occurred in Ecuador. Chinese technology and equipment and the Chinese enterprises in the construction of water conservancy projects, road and bridge, China Democratic National construction projects with excellent quality, in the earthquake neutral stability, top up, well used, the "China Quality" and "Chinese standard" withstood the test of strong earthquakes, and play a positive role in post earthquake relief, won praise from the people of Ecuador.

China for the country to create a national security integrated command and control system in earthquake relief played a key role. Disaster areas all the alarm, rescue, emergency disposal, the national rescue force allocation and coordination are through the system, to ensure the timely delivery of the disaster information to the Rescue Department, greatly improving the efficiency of the rescue. The Chinese construction and has been delivered to the seven national security integrated command center for disaster relief site, four in the hardest hit by the earthquake and strong earthquake is still running. < Chinese construction companies of HINCHLEY hydropower station is using technology to China, Chinese funds in Latin America completed and put into production the largest hydropower station, one of the first units to 2016 April 13, grid connected power generation. After the earthquake, the power plant automatic start protection system, the unit automatically shut down. China's rapid investigation confirmed the power plant safe and sound, on the second day after the earthquake emergency recovery of power and increase the amount of power, for the disaster to provide electricity to protect. < Chinese construction of earthquake where briar CAI of the University City project with excellent construction quality withstood the test of the disaster, has been completed in the classroom, apartment buildings, laboratories, etc. have been used as temporary shelters and rescue materials storage. Contracted by China earthquake zone 10 road and two bridges without any structural damage and bearing the burden of transportation emergency rescue and disaster relief, reflecting the excellent quality of the project. (end)

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