Procter & Gamble executives entrepreneurship, sales increased by 150% per month! He said, there is no bright spot in my project!

Sales Procter & Gamble project

chuangyebangzazhi· 2016-07-30 16:39:15

today about a former Procter & Gamble executives out of business stories.

in order to let you spend less than 3 minutes of fast reading the dry cargo, The state today brother want to try a new module, frame logic layers of progressive, Polytechnic men's narrative style, go to

Name: onion sister

date of birth: 2015 on-line in September

owned company: Guangzhou city tree network technology Co. Ltd.

since the line, the average monthly sales growth of over 150% since the inception of the project; to maintain profitability, ability to self blood good


strength: max-width: 100%; font-size: founder Li Cong as a former Procter & Gamble Group executives, more than ten years of experience in supply chain integration; Bai Pingsan is a former famous makeup flower Niang chairman, twenty years experience in the construction of channels; team is the traditional Internet, half and half, business investment goods operation is out of the traditional industries, the Internet Marketing idea is out of the

style= moves: do cross-border electricity. On the middle and lower reaches are: upstream of the supply chain, the middle reaches of the downstream polymerization of customs clearance, warehousing and logistics sales channels


moves Xiangjie

the internal strength, moves to overnight. Unfortunately, no strength, it can dismantle moves for everyone to see.

, the upper reaches of the aggregate supply chain

the polymerization of the supply chain, simply said, is a large and complete supply chain, what category has.

Li Cong said, onion overseas supply chain is the only China polymerization "model of polymerization". At present, the platform is 1886 , style= max-width: color: RGB (234, 100%; 84, 20); box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important >20 SKU million; ".

as traditional industry born entrepreneurs, Li Cong hope everything is the rhythm of the project, before the line, he spent a year the time for the project.

because he before Procter & Gamble do supply chain and other business, the accumulation of a lot of people buy overseas experience, so he in the first half of overseas, settled the 18 top global supply chain .

category, basic category for beauty, health care, personal care, maternal and child food, Home Furnishing 6 items (< span style= "max-width: 100%; color: RGB (136, 136, 136); box-sizi Ng: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important; "> ), family based consumer electronic products, the future will continue to introduce light luxury products, pet supplies, automotive maintenance products, overseas travel, overseas insurance products category ( is just ).

some people eat melon may not understand, cross-border industry, brand direct supply is generally not realistic, get a circulation channel, this level of circulation channel , get a two, you get the most of the local brands.

two, the middle reaches of the warehouse logistics customs clearance

onion miss in the Anglo American South Korea Australia Hongkong six overseas direct mining, mining to 100% self placing, so no storage.

2015, o! Australia, Japan and South Korea, the United Kingdom 4 established more than >5000 square meters , 1 Hongkong 5000 transit warehouse of square meters. After the first set in the local procurement, warehouse, and then were sent to Hongkong, from Hongkong to the mainland.

logistics, foreign self built, onion Miss foreign Doufast, Fedex logistics company cooperation; domestic cooperation with domestic SF, tact, Shen Tong, etc. a number of logistics companies. Li Cong said that to achieve full 7 ~ 10 days overseas direct.

clearance, self. Miss onion currently has 16 integrated customs clearance channels. Because with the commodity inspection, the inspection has good communication and cooperation, has the ability to quickly clear customs clearance. The first commercial record, and then submitted to

onion miss Hongkong transit warehouses max-width: 100%

three, the downstream sales channels

key to.

Li Cong said, 2 000 B line stores O2O, industry, business, micro micro shops ) provide cross-border services, goods supply services for the seller to save 30% .

these small B, 90% is a micro business. Every micro business, covering 500 users.

and the so-called "comprehensive cost", refers to the main store, find sources, is generally more than the supply chain of goods, goods scattered with goods with rising costs, customs clearance, warehousing, on behalf of, And domestic logistics, a line down, the cost is very high.

aggregation service, the seller not and ten . Sellers only need to be responsible for the flow of.

onion Miss also provides DSP consumer data analysis model, help sellers accurate picking and reverse purchase, as well as vertical media, precise push advertising to users.

Li Cong call this "micro shop" solution, the seller knows no shelves, pricing, sales, particularly low threshold.

because of the cost than Jingdong, the United States, miss 11% ~ 45% gross margin, which style= max-width:" 100%; border-box box-sizing:! Important; break-word word-wrap:! Important; ">25 ~ 30 points are given to the owner of the seller."

so, there are a lot of consumers is the transition from the owner. Even if TA does not sell, only their own consumption, but also took the price, enjoy the same as the 7% ah. Style= max-width: "

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