Changzhou denies retirement home is not open air conditioning hot dead

Changzhou nursing home cause of death objection

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Changzhou denied the "air conditioning nursing homes do not open air conditioning hot dead elderly

nursing homes may use 6 elderly death is a normal death of the family has no objection to the cause of death of

recently, Jiangsu Changzhou local network forum called Changzhou Jintan District, a nursing home for a week 6 elderly people died, the reason is not the old days of high temperature have air conditioning. Yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter from Jintan Changzhou District propaganda department was informed that the death of 6 elderly people belong to the normal death, is not the network did not open air conditioning is hot dead, the nursing home air conditioning can be easily used. This nursing home for the public nursing homes, in the Civil Affairs Department has registered. 6 families of the deceased for their own reasons for the death of the elderly has no objection, the public security organs will not intervene.

yesterday, Changzhou local network forum, a netizen posting said, Jintan Zhu town nursing home "in order to save electricity, the air conditioning remote control are confiscated", resulted in 6 hospitalized elderly death in succession within a week.

it is understood that the net posts referred to social welfare homes is Zhu Lin Zhen, Jintan district is located in the Jiangsu city of Changzhou province Zhu Lin Zhen Changxin Cun, founded in 1997. In 2011, in order to meet the new situation of rural homes for the change to the function of social welfare, Zhu town government through the integration of resources, based on the original Zhu Lin geracomiums, land 14 acres, invested 4 million 600 thousand yuan, the implementation of the expansion project of nursing homes.

BYD reporter learned that the existing 138 homes for the elderly, aged between 60 to 90 years old, mainly serving the local five homes for the elderly and elderly households. The old man died in the largest of a 83 year old male, stroke, hemiplegia, has been 20 years, usually living people need special care. The old man has been living in a nursing home in about 1 weeks, died when his family was. The death of the elderly and a more than and 80 year old, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Zhu Lin Zhen Social Welfare Institute said, these old people are natural death. In addition

, staff told reporters BYD net old hot dead xiaoxibushi. "We are the public nursing homes, each room has air conditioning, the elderly have the control and use of air conditioning, there is absolutely no use of air conditioning of the old man said. "The old people are three or four people a room, air conditioning controllers are in the room, the old man will use. "From just this summer just check the equipment, can open air conditioning. May be a while before the rain, the old people themselves do not want to open. "

BYD reporter from Jintan district government press office learned that the event of the death of the elderly has local nursing homes were investigated, 6 elderly death belongs to normal death, not the network transmission without air conditioning is dead heat, air conditioning can be used in nursing homes. The nursing homes for public nursing homes, registered in the Civil Affairs Department, legal qualification. In addition, the families of the deceased did not dispute the cause of death, the public security organs will not intervene.

text / reporter Li Zhongyu

intern reporter Tang Kaili Wang Xinran

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