Luo Yonghao self exposure hammer T3: the screen becomes larger, the default 16

Screen Luo Yonghao hammer hammer technology

ITzhijia· 2016-07-31 03:39:06

IT home news July 30th news, earlier claimed that hammer T3 in September 7th will be released in Beijing, about the hammer T3, the exact message the current exposure is relatively small, although a lot of rumors, but more are false, but if it is personally from @ Luo Yonghao speak is not the same. And now, hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao really revealed some information.

today @ Luo Yonghao on micro-blog said: "well, after such a big size, squared does seem a bit too much, it seems that this factory default sixteen grids … …" we know Smartisan OS, a hammer on the main characteristics of UI system is one of the squares of the main screen, therefore, this sentence is clearly implied in the netizens looking forward to Smartisan T3. from this sentence, we can know the hammer T3 mobile phone screen size will be larger, but the size is not clear how many, in addition, due to the larger screen, Smartisan T3 main screen desktop will default to using 16 grids model.

had previously broke the news show, circular Home key hammer T3 is likely to be similar to iPhone, there are two versions, but these rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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