[new] skills not to wear running shoes to go running? Teach you how to run barefoot!

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don't wear running shoes running? Let the little make up to tell you!

"Ralph said, then we will not be made to run with shoes."

"born to run" books, and now many footwear manufacturers provide portable minimalist shoes, you may have been considering whether you can try running barefoot. Here are the things you need to know before you start your shoe.

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Ute Mitchell 's advice: "I just got my VFF, I only run for 5 minutes, and then take the rest of the way. About a week later, my running time gradually accumulated to 10 minutes; finally, to 20 minutes." She the gradual progress of training to help her from a fear of the termination of her running career knee recovered. "Now, when I was wearing my" barefoot running shoes when running, "I like flying, like I was floating on the ground."

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Harmon clearly accumulated physical:" I am from the barefoot running on a treadmill to start. I was wearing shoes from a shock to finish the Marathon after the restoration of tendinitis, I know before any large race I need to improve my physical accumulation." When she first put on her new Wave Ronin 3S Mizuno shoes, she said, "I thought I was in heaven!" Her slow and steady training program has also brought the great benefits of speed: her long run time has been reduced by 2 minutes per mile.

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