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Google's nexus equipment with the latest version of the Android system appeared at the same time is not what secret, so before the official release September Android n, we temporarily do not expect to be able to see the figure of the new nexus. Prior to the 5x Nexus and 6P Nexus is released in September 29, 2015, so we will see the new Nexus products in this year's 9 and October. At the same time, with the new Nexus devices will also debut at the same time, including the N Android system.


the current Nexus has two versions, of which 5x Nexus small size, cheap price, by LG oem. And 6P Nexus size is bigger, the price is high, by HUAWEI oem. Two manufacturers have demonstrated their level through Nexus. And before the Nexus and Motorola OEM, but also the same situation.

before there is news that Google wants to play a greater role in the hardware design of Nexus devices, rather than just the software, so I hope to be able to work with the foundry more in-depth cooperation. But now, Google wants to do so must be familiar with the partners, so the list of manufacturers are not many options.

has reported that HTC will be the next Google Nexus manufacturers, the current HTC and Google parent company Alphabet has signed a contract, the next three years will be the production of Google Nexus equipment. And Google in the process of cooperation is to play a more major role we do not know, but at least it can be determined is that LG will not be the next Nexus foundry partner.


Google will continue to provide two versions of the Nexus device we are not sure, but at least if it is, the two devices will be responsible for the HTC. Although we are not sure what the new Nexus will be, but at least HTC's new flagship HTC 10 will play a great role in the reference. For example, all metal body, and HTC 10 similar style and so on.

in January this year, someone broke the news that the HTC will be Google OEM new Nexus phones, but also the two paragraph, a screen for 5 inches, the other is 5.5 inches. The ROM developer @LlabTooFeR has exposed the code of these two phones. @LlabTooFeR said 5 inches of Nexus code named T50, 5.5 inch model for T55, apparently, code name directly reflects the size of the screen. As for more details of these two devices, which broke the news did not disclose.


in addition to the size of the screen, we can also speculate about the configuration of the new Nexus. First of all, the flagship Qualcomm snapdragon processor 820 will at least appear in which a product, and we will see, including fingerprint recognition, USB type-C interface and improved cameras, and so on.

to know the biggest criticism of Nexus equipment is to take pictures, and Google is the time to make a change in this.


new Nexus will be accompanied by the N Android system at the same time debut, and at present in the N Android will increase the unknown new features, but also have to gradually increase over time.

currently Google will be held in May 18th to 20 2016 I/O global developer conference in, when we will see the real N Android preview version and complete new features list.

as the name of the new system, will continue to use the name of dessert, but also will be the beginning of the letter N, but specifically what, but also have to look at Google's mood. The total of

the news about the new nexus devices is not too much, but basically can be identified in the fourth quarter to unravel the mystery, and with the passage of time, we will see more and more news, are interested friends can we stay tuned together.

source: pocket-lint

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