Japan's bionic robot Alter can live action

Japan bionic robot action

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robot Alter

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on July 31st news, according to foreign media reports, the National Science Museum in Japan has been a lot of bionic robot special exhibition hall, now it will usher in a new member. This robot named Alter, which has a "human face", more "terror" is, with the aid of the neural network system, it can be a dynamic. Alter is equipped with 42 pneumatic transmission device, the brain is a "central pattern generator" (CPG).

CPG neural network can be replicated in the neuron, so that the robot can develop its own unique mode of action. Of course, factors affecting the movement and sensor detects distance, temperature, humidity and noise etc.. In simple terms, the sensor is the skin of Alter. Although it is moving and the difference between people is larger, but you will feel that this guy is living. Class= img_box "

figure 1

this robot to fill the gaps in the past, it led the robot to intelligent development. In the future, the robot will be eliminated by programming operations, and like Alter can be based on the will to control their own arms, head and other parts of the robot will become mainstream.

in action, Alter will sing, but it can not join the singing wail like ghosts and howl like wolves matches. Researchers at the Osaka University

figure 2

to participate in the development Alter said: the main task of

"Alter not simulate human appearance, but rather to simulate human movements, the movements are randomly generated, this is why people find Alter true to life. "

in Alter language is also very amazing, it can easily communicate with people for more than 10 minutes prior to the robot's Arabian Nights. (compile / Lv Jiahui)

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