Commuting "secretary" how to choose: the last two kilometers of pain, all by it!

Secretary how

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in my commute to the subway station as an example, a distance of 1.5 km, usually walking time average is 13 minutes; and to arrive at the destination station later, I still need to walk 1 kilometers, the average time also need 9 minutes. It takes about 44 minutes to spend a total of about a day on foot.

remove waste of time outside of this concern, this may also affect the 44 minutes I was late for work, take some people a day in time, and slightly affect the sleep condition.

if you told me about the situation, or even more serious, then you really should seriously consider to acquire a vehicle.

but in the face of every kind of transport, a superb collection of beautiful things, I think anyone who sees it will face a senseless force! So you still need someone like me to show you the way to the old driver.  

means so much, how do I choose for themselves?


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a ~ ~ the premise is the first selected security product


because such fitting means of transport, said bluntly that "bag of iron", the safety car so far from comprehensive and thorough. In the removal of its improper handling problems, the most important is the transport safety itself to high enough. After all, who do not want to fall out and It is without rhyme or reason., or what a surprise. Security aside, to choose the means of transport is bullying.


the transport safety mainly from the following two aspects:

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basic principle of security

this may seem a bit iffy, but is not difficult to understand. Mainly from the mobile transport principle to analyze the security of this product is enough? Of course, this requires you to regain a lost high school physics knowledge, I give you an example, so that you can easily understand. Below these two kinds of means of transport, security immediately sentenced to compete.

left this means of transport to a primary school students came to see, he knew not safe. No structural parts hold, slightly your balance control well or encounter bumpy road, one on the right that a must... Natural high safety, do not think that a single wheel is not safe, like Ryno  Cycle is to have self stabilizing function, so in addition to the basic principle of their analysis by physical means the tool, but also analyzes the technology is excellent? To balance the security of the entire product.



battery power safety

for travel tools, to provide power to the battery is perfectly normal. The battery, just one of the determining factors of the transport safety. Although today's technology has been developed, but the current good battery and power management system is also unable to ensure that 100% of the safety of any accident. So, when choosing a vehicle, pay attention to some of the best battery power as well as possible products, or have insurance products, do not covet cheap.

the purchase to choose some international manufacturers of batteries, the market usually adopts LG and Matsushita Electric core, quality is guaranteed. The other is the power management system, such as whether with short circuit protection, over-current protection, protection mechanism of temperature protection and so on these aspects, although this is a universal public standard functions, but Something is better than nothing.! It is at least a little more comfortable to use.

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select control the type of


thanks to the rapid development of the Internet, let the type of transport evolved from single bicycles, skateboards, a variety of products for pulley. The various means of transport for different people, you can choose according to your own preferences and the actual situation.



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this kind of vehicle representative products are Stary Board, ZBoard and so on, with easy wins in the portable, does not need to be folded, play is also relatively cool. Just need to be based in want of perfection with the crowd can slide relatively safe.  


grip skateboard type

grip can slide; it was perfect for electric scooter safety problems, however? It doesn't have to be cool, and the product needs to be folded before it is easy to carry.


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at present this kind of products are millet electric bicycle, and raise the heat in the fire Jingdong ensimai X3 folding electric car. This kind of vehicle can be said to be present and let more people recognized by the means of transport, it has a safety bicycle and electric vehicle, worry and effort, are lack of color value is high, and this kind of product has folded.


this kind of transportation tool in aesthetic It differs from man to man. some people feel very cool, and some people feel very strange, a little local flavor. However, handling and security will be better than the bike class.


single wheel balance models

single wheel balance car safety it is worth noting that, after all, from the structure principle, still not assured. But it may be more deeply in the play of young people's favor.


double wheel balancing models

two wheeled balancing car, let's take a close variant of it only round the balance of the car". It will be a little more stable than the wheelbarrow is safe, but compared to several kinds of the above, or slightly less than, but it is not "cool riding".


wind fire wheel type  

this kind of transport is more creative, for those who need frequent transfer to Metro bus travel people. Safety can also be riding up and more "cool", the most important is that it is more portable compared to the above.


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other details need to pay more attention to the


don't think you want done transport type all right. In fact, ah, there are a number of key information is worth noting. For example, if you are going to match the distance with your attendance, whether you need to walk the night road, take a steep slope, which will help you to select the products you need. />


  • what kind of motor is used (currently, brushless motor is more muted "line-height: 2em style=

  • charging time required (as soon as possible)

  • vehicle maximum speed (according to the individual demand to  

  • corresponding products The water level (in order to determine which scenarios can not use the  

  • customer service warranty (protect the interests of users)

  • said so much that is the basic point of purchase. If you have anything less clear, you can leave your comments and communicate with you.

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