F (x) new song at zero on the 22 day open MV by members personally shot


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Song Trailer Korean girl group F (x) and MV All Mine song "source" will be at 0:00 on the 22 (Korea time) by the the source site and SM YouTube channel, NAVER TV CAST also disclosed.

f (x) of the new "All Mine" is a SM digital audio channel "STATION" open twenty-fourth songs, which belongs to the strong sense of rhythm music EMD, fit the summer atmosphere, the song can feel belongs to f (x) of the charm of music. It is worth mentioning that the new song's MV is in the form of a documentary by the members personally shot, showing the f (x) in the overseas trip to participate in the outside of the stage, will lead to public attention.

and SM digital audio channel "STATION" every Friday will open a new source, charm to show different styles of music, get a good response.


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