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jihewang· 2016-07-31 23:27:22

lead: support thanks to SIEHK, we have the honor and other media together in the ACGHK YS VIII -LACRIMOSA OF in the "DANA-" stage, and the producer Kondo Kiyo, the group's visit. Voiced by Saori. The interview focuses on "ys" series of the future direction of development, "8" ys some new design and 30 years plan etc.. The following interview Q Q & record for reporters, bold, ordinary font for the answer.

"YS VIII -LACRIMOSA OF DANA-" producer Kondo season next year is the 30 anniversary of ocean

series, there is no annual plan can be revealed?

is currently in the review plan or anniversary, but now we have the most important job is to develop the PS4 Version (30 anniversary tribute to do), in addition, we also hope to have a separate 30 Anniversary Concert "" ys such words, feeling may also be good. What is the difference between the

PS4 version and the PSV version?

apart from the picture other than the words...... I am in today's visit after the end of the day, and Japan's development team to communicate in this area of work, and then in order to finalize the final. In addition to the

has been announced after the piece of clothing and whether there are more rich clothing?

basically the sale of some DLC very early has been fully identified, then the PS4 version of the sale, we may be more updated some DLC.

. Also in the game, voiced by the

will be in the "voice" in the works of YS more mini games? Similar to the "track" series, there are a lot of mini games. "

" series of YS...... Or to the Yate adventure, this time is because the story to one island so before entering the fishing game, construction system, defense system. Maybe in the future works, with the adventure Yate area are different, there will be some new ideas. In fact, some versions of

PSV frames is not stable, will release the modified FPS frame dropping patch?

after the release of the PS4 version will certainly have a better effect, but we also have in the PSV version as much as possible to do the optimization. However, this time the game map, the enemy will be more, there are a lot of game player made the comments, we will do to improve the version, whether it is Loading or frame time will make improvements. The direction of development after the "

" series of YS is?

because the stage of the game has not yet decided so there is no new content can be revealed. But we are still in the direction of the development of the game fun fun to carry out the development of.

. What are the special impression on customers when dubbing to the game? I just want to know when

is dubbed "ys 8", the first reaction is ah?! Has been out of the 8 generation! It's been 30 years! As voice staff, then the responsibility is also very important. But this time the game is the protagonist in the form of 30 years now the results of this series of continuous innovation and development is also very surprised, and I can participate in this voice work is also very honored.

why this time will have the idea of double protagonist?

the past 30 years has been the Yate a hero, I am thinking about the question many times, always a very bothersome, I also particularly concerned about this matter. We have begun to consider other roles, then think if there is a dream in Yate another person will not be very interesting, but this may not even reach a work, why this is the role of the DANA. We also hope to be able to have more players will like, but also hope that we can look forward to.

DANA this weapon is like huge arms before the sea of small loli ys tree, is a coincidence?

is not, this is the designer's unique design, may also be the designer's own personal taste it (laughs). Each role of the weapons are not the same, for example, the main character is chopped, and the role of the use of gun. Before

. Saori played this game?

I'm sorry that I didn't play the game before, although I just knew it. But after playing, or feel that can play to such a game is very happy, lucky, this is a very good game. I'm not usually good at playing games, just play some A, B, C three, look at the different options have different answers to what the game. Before the "

" works ys may now not to play the game player, what channels can make new game player to play?

, this series of changes with the hardware also has a lot of evolution, we received a lot of advice that game player wants to play the previous works again, especially the 5 generation, 1+2 generation and the like, I want one to meet you, but now there is no specific plan. Moreover, Falcom is not a very large company, it is impossible to do a lot of important work at the same time, but we still want to make a difference to this point.

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