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"content_img_p" Rio Olympic Games, what can bring to Brazil? This is not only the outside world is also Brazil's own questions.

local time August 5th (Beijing time August 6th 7 points), the Rio Olympic Games will be opened. Brazil is the first country to host the summer Olympic Games in South America, so it seems to be the best chance for Brazil to show its national image on the international stage. However, before the opening of the Olympic Games, Brazil is in an unprecedented predicament. From the economic downturn to political unrest, from Zika virus to the financial crisis, and now Brazil, seems to have not the Brazil 2009 in high and vigorous spirits.

year, Brazil Rio in Madrid, Chicago, the United States, Tokyo, Japan, surrounded by heavy siege of the Olympic Games held in the right. Brazil up to the federal government, down to the local government and enterprises, businessmen, hopes to take advantage of hosting the world cup and the Olympic games including the two major international competition highlights Brazil strength and momentum of development, and by "economic competition" and improve the international image and the infrastructure of Brazil.

Rio mayor Paes (EduardoPaes) said: "we have the opportunity to use the Olympic Games to attract investment, to do some of the things we have to do. "

6 months of the Rio Olympic budget announced that Brazil has invested at least $11 billion for the Olympic games. First of all, the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games funds about 7 billion 400 million reais ($2 billion 200 million); second, the Brazil government infrastructure projects needed for the Olympic Games to invest about 6 billion 670 million reais ($2 billion 53 million); third, the government of Brazil to improve the traffic environment, the permanent infrastructure investment of about 24 billion 600 million reais ($7 billion 571 million).

the Rio Olympics whether as a cardiotonic agent, boost the current downturn in the Brazil economy through the "economic competition" bonus? Rousseff: to

when supporting

the Rio Olympics held on the occasion of the Brazil, is experiencing the transformation of politics and economy. To ensure that the 21 days of the Olympic Games will be held in a double change, which is not only an unprecedented challenge for the Brazilian, but also a rare phenomenon in all previous Olympic Games.

in the Rio Olympics 3 months before the opening of Brazil, President Rousseff was involved in corruption case was suspended for 180 days. Now, Rousseff still did not give up, at the Congress of Brazil before the final decision, through a variety of efforts to avoid the worst votes, thus ending the presidency. However, in accordance with the process of impeachment of the Congress, Rousseff missed the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games, will be hosted by the current acting president Temel.

in fact, the Brazil Olympic Organizing Committee is not to forget the past, "had been issued to Rousseff's political mentor and former president Lula invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, after all, this is the Brazil South America and even the whole history of the event. But after receiving the invitation, Rousseff said: "I do not want to witness history as a supporting actor. "At the same time, Lula also declined the invitation of the Brazil Organizing Committee for the Olympic games.

and Brazil politics at the same time fluctuations in the economy of Brazil. Brazil's economy around the world in 2009, the whole world is in a great environment of depression in the eyes of the people. International Organizing Committee was the first summer Olympic Games held in South America to Brazil, and not only by the unique enthusiasm of South beauty.

hosting an Olympic Games, there is no solid financial support is difficult to imagine. Brazil national geographic data show that in 2010, Brazil's GDP growth rate of 7.5%, the highest in the past 24 years to create the country's highest. And 7.5% of the average annual GDP growth rate is 3 times that of the United states. 2000~2010, Brazil's annual GDP growth is no less than 5% years, Brazil is also the year topped the "BRIC countries" the best comment. In 2012, Brazil and even out of England, became the world's sixth largest economy.

however, since 2013, Brazil GDP growth year by year. In 2015, Brazil GDP even contracted by 3.8%, the worst record in 35 years. At the same time, the unemployment rate in Brazil has worsened from 6.1% in 2012 to 11.2% in May 2016. Along with the rise of Brazil's total external debt reserves, this figure has risen from $353 billion 160 million in 2014 to $556 billion 800 million in 2010. In addition, Brazil's inflation rate in 2015 reached two of the 10.67% digit level, second only to 14.7% in 2013, a record high.

is such a great change, both the structural problems in the Brazil economy itself, such as the dependence on commodity dependence on Chinese exports, but also the government of Brazil internal management, such as the macroeconomic management is not in place.

, Brazil, in the political and economic double change, seems to be looking forward to the Olympic Games to restart the engine of economic progress.

infrastructure most benefit

Brazil government commissioned a think tank management authority (FIA) to do the report shows that there are 55 industries in Brazil can benefit from hosting this large event. In the first row is the infrastructure, can at least benefit from 10.5%; followed by industry (6.3%), and then the service industry (5.7%), the oil and gas industry (5.1%) and transportation and communication industry (4.8%). Class= img_box "

Rio Olympic Stadium in Rio City, Baja District, west of the city (Barra). This region in the history of Brazil has been a small fishing village image appears, the population is very few. Rio won the Olympic Games after the transformation of Baja district government at least $about one billion, including the improvement of the layout of the streets, connecting Baja district and southeast of the downtown subway and the Northern Division of the BRT rail transit construction. On the one hand, new subway lines and the fast track to hype the sports fans to favorite game in the "Olympic season"; on the other hand, the Rio government, they pay more attention to the "Post Olympic season", the new traffic facilities will be completely resolved in about city road congestion problem.

in the past 7 years of reconstruction, the small fishing village of Baja District, has become a street with American style. Successful reconstruction of Baja District, but also makes the local population from more than 20 thousand in 1980s to develop into the current more than 150 thousand. The government of Brazil is expected to use the Olympic Games, the competition economy, the population of Baja district or will be doubled in 2020, becoming the new financial, entertainment and leisure center in rio.

of course, Baja's "old city" in addition to just outside the host city of Rio a microcosm. In addition to the renovation of existing buildings, Brazil city hosted the Olympic Games is the construction of Olympic venues, be busy at putting up installations, such as the Olympic village. The house is located in Rio chairman of International Olympic Committee Bach (ThomasBach) known as the "most beautiful" in the history of the Olympic Village will include athletes to rest and exercises all the needs, a total of 31 buildings, more than 3 thousand rooms, can accommodate 6000 people to stay.

in order to meet the needs of the Olympic Games, a number of large chain hotels have settled in the city of Baja district. Currently 42 thousand rooms have been completed, compared with the previous increase of 12 thousand. Rio Brazil travel agency Tour "(RIOTUR) marketing director Paul vilela (· PauloVillela) said:" as the director of the Department of tourism city of Rio, we pay more attention to the effect of the Olympic Games for heritage tourism city ". At the end of the Olympic Games after the passenger flow is still maintained steady growth is our ultimate goal. "

international rating agency Moodie in May 16th this year, the report pointed out that the Rio Olympic Games will make the city's infrastructure permanently improve, but also generate tax effect in the short term. Reported that the Olympic Games will lead to the birth of 7 billion 100 million dollars in infrastructure investment opportunities, and the return of this investment is long-term, not only limited to the Olympic season".

tourism "dipping"

fund management institutions in the Rio Olympics after the report shows that the Olympic Games will be held in Rio to Brazil national GDP to 2016 cumulative growth of 41.6% in 2009, the number of jobs the cumulative increase of 53.1%, an average annual increase of 120 thousand jobs, the total wages will Brazil cumulative growth of 50.9%.

for a series of hosting the world cup and the Olympic Games in the city, the tourism industry is always in the first time dipping". Rio city government tourism research center data show that during the period 2008~2014, the Brazil government has a huge income from overseas tourism market, from $1 billion 260 million a year soared to $2 billion 100 million. The leisure tourism revenue increased from $529 million to $779 million, business travel increased from $360 million to $638 million. Of course, much of it is due to the football World Cup held in Brazil in 2014. World Cup year, Brazil comprehensive tourism revenue for the first time more than 2 billion u..

therefore, when the whole of Brazil into the Olympic season, the same expectations are not difficult to understand.

Brazil Tourism Association had expected, during the Olympic season, there will be about 400 thousand overseas visitors came to Brazil. In addition to watch their interest in the Olympic Games, Brazil has diversified tourism resources, such as the salvation of Christ, like Brasilia Cathedral, beach clean soft like Bana beach, even Iguazu will be tourists come to the.

Brazil Tourism Association in the "Olympic season visitor guide" that Christ is located in Rio, is located in the National Park, 710 meters high on the Corcovado mountain image will be the most popular tourist attractions. From 2009 to 2014, the number of visitors to the iconic landscape of Rio is increasing year by year, from 1 million 478 thousand to 2 million 241 thousand.

in order to attract more overseas tourists, the Brazil government has also relaxed the visa policy. Earlier this year, the Brazil government announced that in September 18th to June 1, 2016 period, visitors and athletes can get a 90 day visa, and does not require a certain hold Olympic tickets. The United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Japan and the United States can be exempt from the visa entry. Although China has not yet been included in the list, but the Brazil government has also simplified the visa for Chinese tourists to Brazil.

, of course, the Brazil Tourism Association and the Congress Tourism Committee also pointed out that in the Olympic season earned more than during the world cup, you can not forget the most able to narrow the tourist's language advantage". But the status quo is that Brazil's travel agencies, hotels, museums, etc. can provide non Portuguese services are not many, not to mention a few other languages. Therefore, the Brazil Tourism Association to remind the major travel service agencies, to step up the training of language professionals, but also to encourage tourists to open the money bag one of the necessary measures.

ticket sales sprint

as of July 20th, the Rio Olympic tickets head Reddy (DonovanFerreti) said in an interview with U.S. media, a total of 6 million 100 thousand Olympic tickets, has sold 4 million 400 thousand copies, which is 72% of the tickets have been sold. In 4 million 400 thousand tickets sold in 1 million 100 thousand for the purchase of the brazilian. The top five countries to buy tickets in turn: the United States, France, Argentina, Germany and japan.

Rio Olympic Organizing Committee has set a goal in 2014, and expected to involve 28 sports events, opening and closing of the ticket sales can reach 7 million 500 thousand. The Rio Olympic Organizing Committee also played the "low card" to attract people of different social classes, I hope everyone can afford the Olympic games. Among them, about 3 million 800 thousand tickets priced at $30 or less, the cheapest tickets will be around $20.

Fredi also optimistic that the ticket sales are increasing every day". The Rio government hopes to raise about $320 million of funds through tickets. "With the opening hours of the Olympics approaching, we are selling more tickets. "Reddy is expected, then most of them will be full or nearly full. He also pointed out that, to know that the Brazilians always like to buy things until the end. Fredi also said that even if some venues can not be sold out, the Rio Olympics organizers did not plan to offer free tickets.

6 1, the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee to the world's opening of the Brazil local Olympic ticketing website, hoping to play a final boost to the sales of tickets. More than a year ago, the Rio Olympic Committee and the Brazil Olympic official ticketing agents to reach an agreement to 1 U.S. dollars to 2.35 Real's exchange rate for sale. But now the exchange rate is 3.25, which means that a real 500 tickets, if the agent ordering, it needs 215 dollars, if the order is directly in the local Brazil website is only $150, and there is no need to pay a service fee of 20%. Fredi believes that this is not yet a good news for foreign visitors, hope that those who are still waiting to seize the opportunity to see foreign tourists.

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