Don't laugh at Lan Xiang, it's in the future of high income

Lan Xiang high income takeaway dishwasher

yuenuducai· 2016-08-01 09:20:53

a few days ago" to see an article called "retreat of the middle class", the tone is very pessimistic.

but I feel deeper than XX, the retreat, but a group of stride forward singing militant songs. Their income and social status, is rapidly upgrading, the magnitude of the big, subversive cognition.

today's story, writes the blue collar city.


, Beijing heavy rain that day, the female home water pipe burst, played a number of maintenance call, almost all rejected:

too much rain, do not want to go out and stop.

to raise the offer is not good, people think the road is too dangerous, not worth the risk of money.

one of my friends, experience deeper.

she opened a shop at home, selling handmade dessert. The heavy rain that day, a lot of orders, but couldn't find a room to take away member.

had "not to work, to live on the dry" of the blue collar workers, no longer so long for the "opportunity to make money".


time for the maintenance of the master, I am still 58 home APP, to see such a message: "

, who in Yuesao home for 26 days, work is to take care of the children and pregnant women, the lowest salary to 8800 yuan the highest, gold gold is 17800 yuan, in short supply.

and around two after the father to share, the two decided to go home to the mother in law to call a friendly greeting.

or the child is going to have a baby.

"have a fever", more than Yuesao market in first-tier cities, the courier income of over 10000 is not news; the hotel plongeur salary of at least 3000+; decoration coolie, less than 300 yuan / day to find people.

manual labor income, is rapidly improving, much higher than the growth rate of your salary.

last year, the population of Shanghai has been an alarming inverse growth; while Beijing limited group renting, the decline in the floating population will also become a reality. Under the trend of aging, the income of manual workers will rise, it will become more and more obvious.

is like our neighbor Japan.


, a Japanese drama recently, called "business minister", starring Nanako Matsushima.

protagonist is a senior white-collar workers in big cities, the advertising industry, more than and 40 years old, rich income. However, I still have to work overtime because the nanny to take care of the children, the price is too high...

advertising business minister, feel that can not afford ah... < / p>

so, sitting in the office of the small white-collar workers, led the meager the salary, if there is a sense of superiority, that this is just a very unreal feeling.

to tell the truth, you move master, express little brother, sister home friendly point.

today you take care of their love, they let you can not afford yo ~

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