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in 200 The VRoom XL scheme in Oculus meters, optical positioning based on multi range people walking experience.

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the April" line-height: 1.75em; margin-bottom: 20px; "VR" in the real estate circles, conductor VR founder Ceng Ziyuan called early incoming.

for showings is pseudo demand business ", although you can hear 32 voices of doubt; but started in the Xiamen startup, VR + real estate model has an initial scale, and become an important support.

2014 "in May, was in Xiamen and alumni entrepreneurship sub house, founded the conductor VR brand. One year later, the first VR model room project landing.

according to the latest data show that the conductor VR now promote the business to 30 domestic city, completed more than 130 VR model of the housing project. The latest round of financing by the end of 2015 to complete, by nine in the capital led investment, the king of the capital and angel round of investment Cai Wensheng with the vote, a total of 6 million 500 thousand yuan.

" bluff "over VR venture capital circles, can get 130 projects with an angel round, VR can be regarded as a pragmatist conductor.


, a course two A round: Entrepreneurship is promoting the

conductor project: Gulangyu Islet. 1.

list, Zeng Zi Yuan has more than two years of entrepreneurship, recalled the scene at that time, he is still fresh.


2006;" Tsinghua University Department of architecture technology after graduation, Zeng yuan in Tsinghua University building energy research center to accumulated technology and 3 years of work experience. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

2010 years he returned to his hometown in Xiamen, the establishment of his family in Fujian. Thirty years of age, the conductor VR set up on the idea of entrepreneurship was finally realized, "it is a close call what I need to solve the menace from the rear to go fight, or a few years ago I would have to start a business, a Book of Zeng Zi Yuan said angry.

2 line activities to verify the B/C end

project inception, Zeng yuan did not want to know to do what kind of products, is good at using interactive technology of intelligent Home Furnishing and other common areas try. "Until 2014 8, September or so, we bought a DK2 Oculus, after the experience, we decided that it is the". Even so, but the construction background, Zeng Zi Yuan has always been strict in selecting the direction of the company, can more than make Naomen so simple.

2014 "from October to February, the team has to do at the local three line experience activities, and by consumers and industry users face exchanges, the company's business model and product form more and more clear.

" for the first time in the form of non directional, public experience Oculus, 50 people in the end is expected to nearly 80 people; second, we try to charge the experience, including experience + afternoon tea costs 30 yuan per person charge, the number has increased". Zeng yuan memories. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

he added, the partners have a good position in the industry before the start," with the industry subversive, long-term development is what we want to do".

C "end of the program was rejected after Zeng yuan with advantages of team in the field of architecture, it may end the launch of B. The model display room is listed as exciting challenges, will the model of the real scene show to the user through the virtual VR model, at the same time into the layout transformation, illumination changes, household appliances control and other interactive animation effects.

" we spend 3 days to complete the first VR model room demo Demo". This time, the specific orientation of the real estate circles invited to the relevant personnel, VR technical experts to watch the Demo show. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

"live and even real estate companies directly ask quotes", a warm feedback affirmed the team for the VR industry to determine the application.

at this time, the size of the team is also the first 4 people to 8 people, with all the staff of the posts in place, products to speed up the progress of the next May, the first cooperation floor, conductor VR VR officially launched the business model of the housing.

3, 40 people and 30 cities 130 project "line-height:

conductor VR project: Gulangyu Islet. 2.

now, a team of about 40 people, with Xiamen as the main positions, other operations center is also located in Shanghai and Beijing.

in the real estate application direction of VRoom, VR and conductor of Wanda Group, Greenland Group, outstanding real estate, Biguiyuan, more than 30 real estate companies have reached a cooperation (the specific items on display in the company", were) involving residential, scenic area, business district and cultural landscape 130 more than 30 real estate projects, distribution in domestic city. Every single item charges in 100 thousand - 80 million dollars.

the business field of view, because the VR direction involves many feasibility test and talent mining," early on the burn is almost an accepted practice. But for the conductor VR seems to be the exception, "self-sufficiency is our goal, and now has been completed". Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px


two, China the VR house demand: more than

based on the VR model of the housing in the years of industry accumulation, and understanding of the domestic real estate situation, Ceng Zi House said," many people at the same time showings, large space experience is the demand and trend of VR house".

first, because the Chinese family tradition, the house usually go hand in hand, more than one person to experience the VR house; in addition, for the large area display content, too frequently used teleport scene switch to experience the effect of the impact, the real walking can meet the immersion.

1, many people point to solve the

VRoomX specifically, many search scheme means in space 20 square meters, more than the user (recommended 2-8) can also experience the "walking" and "interaction" in the experience area, and can ensure the real-time synchronization and show experience in the reality of the action in the VR helmet housing model image. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

1, Lighthouse based location tracking scheme, many people often encounter system of large amount of data, the picture synchronization inconsistency, conductor VR core data synchronization, the calculation of non core data in the local completion.

2 (Inverse Kinematics, based on the reaction mechanics, referred to as IK) principle, through the data capture and recognition of the user's helmet, handle angle and posture, the overall position of users launched anti synchronization; user body image in a given set of skeletal system. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

according to the introduction, the first application case of the program has landed. In fact, this solution can also be applied in the VR game company's multi person interactive scenarios, we will mention in the post.

in space will experience up to 200 square metres of the VRoom XL program, using Project Alice technology VR conductor Nobel also teng. The proposed scheme is based on the Oculus optical positioning system, which can achieve a wide range of multi person walking experience. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

to facilitate users to more truly feel the room pattern. Because the Lighthouse laser positioning scheme is easy to be affected by distance and occlusion, the data accuracy and position stability of multi person experience X VRoom is more secure.


three. "A command type" VR

more than; the real estate field layout, internal conductor VR also established VR and VR Story video game department, and exhibited its first multiplayer game at this year's Shanghai VR Convict MWC. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

for a growing start-up companies, covered in a wide range, whether the focus of fuzzy, energy dispersion? Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

1, business: Games and video have to do, with a focus on the fuzzy?

Zeng Zi Yuan subsequently revealed the reason. He said the conductor VR VR game project is started in October last year, the project is now using in cooperation with the Department of real estate, but later it will spin off, the establishment of an independent studio.

early in the project, only two to three game producer department, responsible for white mold test phase, including script writing, story and gameplay logic verification, collecting feedback and data analysis, in short, is to verify this game will not be fun," Ceng Ziyuan said tao. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

in the early planning and the story of the establishment of the prototype, the art group, the program function team to intervene in the game project. "Because before this batch of personnel have been in the real estate project run is good, so with the start game development started quickly," Zeng yuan added. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

based on such a model of cooperation, in the internal view, the two business model does not cause conflict. But Zeng yuan, because the two areas of the market environment and marketing mode still has great difference, so the market game team will be reorganized.

in addition, Zeng yuan also stressed that based on Art / animation talents of Xiamen local rich, Beijing and Shanghai have more advantages than in hiring and training cost of investment. Style= line-height: "1.75em

2, channel: 30 city 130 projects how to shop?

VR technology and real estate to add a bit of sense of science and technology and the Internet, but it is worth noting that the real estate itself is still a heavy asset, obvious regional industry line.

in how fast the laying of channels, conductor VR also accumulated a set of their own play.

1) online promotion, conductor VR city has taken a partner program, according to the different characteristics of the city and the region, the introduction of partnership projects in the local dealers through offline channels.

2) aspects of the online channel, and take Amoy net, real estate etc. I worry free service platform for cooperation, with the platform influence and customer base, its products will be packaged for sale scheme. Style= line-height: "1.75em margin-bottom:; 20px

online and offline resources continue to integrate, promote the establishment and expansion of channels.


four, Prospect: ten billion scale combined upstream and downstream "line-height:

conversations, a building wit appear in Xiamen rebel VR circle story. Different from the north of Guangzhou entrepreneurial radical, the conductor in two years of exploration and trial and error, from scratch to create the VR type model of the housing market, and constantly evolving toward a more suitable for the needs of users Chinese direction.

with intellectual things early on VR real estate industry research and analysis (for details, stamp) for some place to examine, tourism real estate, real estate early demand, VR model in real estate marketing and real estate showings by Ji there are just to be.

on the market prospects, Zeng yuan also gives a more optimistic expectations," our existing cooperation based on the data of VR, percentage of real estate occupy real estate company marketing costs, projected domestic VR real estate in ten billion scale".

but on the other hand, the whole market is early, whether it is the B real estate company, or the end user to buy C, VR Technology Trust and recognition are very limited, how to more quickly education market and expanding channels become the focus.

with VR technology in the design, decoration, electricity providers in areas such as commercial landing, upstream and downstream companies in the real estate chain together is an effective strategy for mining user.

hard hit pioneer

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