AWE and polar fruit to build a science and technology park is scheduled to be launched in Shanghai in March 2017

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AWE 2017, the results will be hosted by the science and Technology Park Exhibition hall.

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July 29th news, China Home Appliances Association announced today in Beijing, 2017 China home appliances and Consumer Electronics Fair - AWE 2017 will be held in March 9th next year in Shanghai, the exhibition area is expected to reach 120 thousand square meters. At the same time announced the theme of AWE 2017 - "wisdom of life, the best in the AWE".


;" a giant studded show "

Chinese household electrical appliances association deputy director Xu Dongsheng

China household electrical appliances association said that in 2017, the young AWE par IFA, CES established global consumer electronics fair in the total size of the exhibition, even in the leading technology and industry innovation, industry focus, exhibition level and other aspects will be unique. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

in addition, the Jingdong, the United States and other channels of the giant AWE launched every year during the exciting activities for consumers.

media reports, AWE exhibition content, not only has the massive domestic media, but also attracted German radio, Japanese economic news agency, the Seoul times, financial times, The Associated Press, Bloomberg and nearly 20 countries and regions more than 30 overseas mainstream media pay attention to.



organizers said, AWE 2017 will be more emphasis on multiple effects of wisdom of life for the global consumer electronics field and the deep change. In addition to pay close attention to intelligent ecological exploration of traditional home appliance manufacturers, will be further extended and prospective outlook on the family life of wisdom, the more abundant wisdom of life scene onto the stage, Home Furnishing, smart travel wisdom, wisdom, intelligent health entertainment, intelligent building, AR/VR, artificial intelligence and other fields and industries will be more AWE creative content.


CEO AWE 2017 pole fruit Liu Peng introduced new ways of

2017 at the same time, AWE will pay more attention to the depth of excavation in the intelligent technology in the field of high-tech companies, combined with extremely rich connotation, particularly the introduction of black fruit science and technology gathered in the 12500 square meters of "science and Technology Park Pavilion", and build a real consumer experience of super intelligent life scenarios as the center, will become a major part of AWE 2017.

we will see here, the intelligent robot with Alpha Go as the representative of how to subvert the traditional trend of how to guide the consumer to upgrade; virtual reality technology based on Oculus VR as the representative of the division of new strength pattern; how to integrate the augmented reality entertainment market layout with Pokemon Go AR as the representative of the game how; unmanned technology TESLA, Baidu, subvert the smart travel; UAV field to Amazon, Xinjiang, Manta as the representative of the commercial exploration and so on how to carry out the civil.

in the press conference, AWE smart home business representatives - Haier, AWE, artificial intelligence and wisdom Entertainment Technology Park strategic partner, fruit, an outstanding example of AWE wisdom travel - TESLA, intelligent building and intelligent community representatives - Chinese Real Estate Association, respectively expressed expectation to AWE 2017. />

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