South Korea deployed "Sade" will The loss outweighs the gain.

South Korea mesa missile nuclear threat

renminribaohaiwaiban· 2016-08-01 10:41:52

people's Daily Overseas Edition: South Korea will deploy "Sade" as "Sade" The loss outweighs the gain. in Korea deployed directly injured party China and Russia are close communication. Recently, the fourth Northeast Asian Security consultations held in moscow. China and Russia agreed that the current security situation on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia appear complex change, China and Russia as a comprehensive strategic partnership, according to a joint statement between the two heads of state on the strengthening of global strategic stability, further strengthen communication and coordination, with the most reliable and effective way to effectively protect the interests of the two countries especially the strategic security interests.

in particular, the two sides of South Korea to promote the deployment of Sade anti missile system expressed serious concern in South Korea, are of the view that the United States unilaterally and promote the development of non constructive behavior deployment strategy of anti missile system in the world, including the Korean Peninsula, has a negative effect on the regional and international strategic balance and stability. South Korea to promote in Korea deploy "Sade" with its stated purpose, obviously inconsistent. China and Russia firmly opposed the plan for South Korea, will appear negative factors in the development of the situation, to strengthen bilateral cooperation actively considering measures.

was originally, the nuclear and missile development situation on the Korean Peninsula, Chong Wa Dae and therefore make a moderate response is also reasonable. However, due to a narrow peninsula, the north and south sides of the weapon system are in a short range, the corresponding defense system should be an antidote against the disease. However, in view of the technical performance of the system, it is not suitable for South Korea to guard against threats from the peninsula. In terms of the "Sa" early warning radar, the system is more to the Sino Russian strategic security damage.

China has many ways to South Korea expressed their solemn strategic security concerns. For South Korea and the local threat of nuclear proliferation more general feeling, Chinese as a responsible country, has consistently supported the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula. For North Korea this year to continue to engage in nuclear test, launch a missile's behavior, China and the international community to actively cooperate to control the crisis. In this regard, the world for all to see.

South Korea deployed Sade anti missile system seriously undermine the strategic balance in the region, serious damage to the region, including Chinese national strategic and security interests, and maintain peace and stability on the peninsula to draw further apart.

in addition, South Korea deployed "Sade" move, they are likely to boost North Korea continues to develop its nuclear and missile programs, the greater threat to South korea. The move also completely helpless in the Northeast Asia cooperation efforts to cut nuclear threat, forcing Russia to re-examine their Peninsula policy. Undoubtedly, South Korea will find the deployment of "Sade", The loss outweighs the gain.

(author of the Institute of international studies, Fudan University, Professor, vice president, Professor)

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