It turned out that in 50s the smart home has been so in the future.


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today, Internet technology is so intelligent Home Furnishing really become a reality, but in fact, as early as a few decades ago, when people had thought possible future technologies. Can you imagine what it was like in that era of smart home? Together to experience a future of the age range of children. />

networking technology is so intelligent Home Furnishing really become a reality, but in fact, as early as a few decades ago, when people had thought possible future technologies. recently, the technology website Digital Trends, according to the Ministry on 50s century concept of video reviews for people imagine "future kitchen" concept, and compares them with the current situation.

moment concept kitchen cooking

: 3 minutes past two minutes baked cake, fried steak, you can also put all the ingredients from the ice box into the" magic cooking machine ", wait a few seconds to enjoy the delicacy. No matter what equipment you use, cooking, time and temperature will be automatically controlled.

: now the smart kitchen cooking to a great extent, still need you personally, if you have 7 minutes to say recipe baked a lamb, it was not reliable. Although it has been popular in the kitchen, but in 1955 the advent of the first microwave oven price of up to $1300, equivalent to today's $11400 (about 69871 yuan). In addition, automatic cooking technology has now been developed. Plans later this year released Cinder smart oven is such a device, no matter how do you want your steak cooked, it can automatically determine the cooking time and temperature, so as to make the most perfect steak.

brain kitchen

: in the selection of good recipes, if all menus and related appliances after you press the button immediately appear in the cabinet table, wouldn't it be great. Whirlpool's "magic kitchen" concept it is a control panel, it can be said that the entire kitchen "heart and brain", for each operation for the corresponding button, also provides a built-in TV screen, telephone, and home or other places outside the communication signal transmitter. Smart kitchen

now: a large number of intelligent Home Furnishing system has a control center, can make the connected thermostats, locks and lighting each other. But in most cases, these smart home devices are still controlled by smart phones and tablet, and they are basically portable version of the control panel.

everywhere concept kitchen the eyes of the past:

in addition to broadcast and display menu, the control panel of the TV and many other functions. Parents can use it to see what their children are doing, or who is standing at the door. Smart kitchen

now : now on the market there have been quite a lot of home security cameras are available, in addition to guarding the house, they can be used as a baby monitor, bulb and pet toys. In addition, the smart doorbell is no longer a novelty thing, even if you are not at home, but also through mobile devices to see who is at the door bell.

gesture control

: just waved his hand, you can order drinks or small household appliances from the cupboard to move out. />

this gesture control will become a reality. For example, Myo smart Bracelet allows you to use gestures and computers to interact, control from the game to the PPT display and other operations. At home, OneCue also lets you use gestures to reduce the volume of TV, dim the lights, or turning down the thermostat.

automatic lifting furniture

: Whirlpool and Meng Shandou (an American agricultural company) concept in Home Furnishing joined the height adjustable furniture to automatically reduce the tank height -- let the different family members can easily from the drawer can be automatically increased. Smart kitchen

now : sorry, we are now in the use of high and low levels of furniture, or by a ladder or stoop.

inexhaustible coffee

: in the Whirlpool video, take the coffee from the tap water as simple as. Although in 50s there had been a percolation pot, but the automatic drip filter is not in the United States until 70s. Smart kitchen

now: although our kitchen has yet to appear magical coffee fountain, but the coffee machine has become quite cheap, you can even buy at home using the espresso machine.

catch concept kitchen past and seek

: keep the kitchen clean is a very simple thing, you can sink, refrigerator and household appliances all" hide ", when needed, they will appear again in accordance with the command. />

in space and convenience considerations, the concept of hidden electrical appliances still exist. Although you can install the lifting platform in the cupboard, but we do not have too much room in the kitchen of the mechanization of the partition.

cuts you shred the past concept kitchen

: there is a universal machine concept kitchen Whirlpool , can prepare meat, fruits and vegetables for you. Whether it is peeling, slicing, going to the core or other processing, it can easily get. In addition, washing machine and dryer are combined to one. />

multi functional kitchen cooking machine does exist, such as the price of $1600 (about 9806 yuan) Thermomix. It has as many as 12 different functions, including weighing, mixing, cooking, mixing and slicing / block, etc.. In addition, with the drying function of washing machines have been in existence, and in the west to be popular.

automatic cleaning

: one kitchen appliances produced by the waste can be used to clean the dishes, the dishes by cleaning machine, ground cleaning to automatic walking, automatic charging and automatic pouring the robot is responsible for garbage.

: now the smart kitchen waste processor and the dishwasher has been popular in many western countries, and the robot cleaner also began to be more and more people are familiar with and accept.


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It turned out that in 50s the smart home has been so in the future.

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