Clearlove re awarded the honor: the first thousand in the history of the LOL to kill the wild

Lol honor hero alliance the lion dog

tuwanwang· 2016-08-01 13:08:08

as one of the oldest players in the LPL and even the world's hero league professional circles, promises in his career to get the honor is too much. One of the players as

LPL and the World League occupation circle of the oldest, promises are in his occupation career honor is too much promise: in April 26, 2016, became the first in LPL history to reach 2500 assists players, in June 9th, his debut number (280 games) and winning number (200) also hit a LPL record, at the same time, he was only a Chinese won two world championship level players.

promises the glory is not much, however, just shortly after the end of the match against SAT EDG, promises to honor their wall again add a jungler achievement: the world's first kills 1000.

in fact, complete the achievement thousand kill a few people, such as the Faker king before the completion of his in the 1000th LCK kill [Click To Watch Faker video and kill 1000 Memorial], "big brother" Doublelift is just the end of the match against NRG in LCS he got 1000th times kill [senior] kill 1000 limit. However, the position of Faker and big brother for a single, one for the ADC, the team head belongs to too many roles, and promise as a jungler completed beheaded 1000 gold content is very high achievement. Class= img_box "

how much praise on the number of defamation, the words used in the promise of the body is really suitable for the.

is now the promise after the initial hard-edged becomes more stable, the competition in the world has released rhetoric to prove who is the world's first youth playing field have become increasingly deep. The game promises, more and more focus on team, anti wild, anti squat, vision and so on... Then "clearlove run", "dream fight wild type", "mixed type wild" remarks such as come to like bamboo shoots after a spring rain on the head of a promise.

however, the real strong won't care about the verbal victory. Promises with their own performance to crush those malicious remarks - EDG now's winning streak is the best proof.

some people say that the promise is really can not Carry. But in the author's opinion, the promise is just the task of Carry on his teammates, and he has become the most solid barrier to protect his teammates. But the promise is really no Carry ability? It should be out of thin air. Think, whether it is spring in the Trinidad raid instant seconds AD lion dog, or incarnation of dark mode Kay killing madness mantis. Whenever the team at a critical juncture, promises to help stabilize the situation, a veteran of the greatest value is in this: in the most critical moment to stand up, and then help the team out of the crisis.

now, promise only regret perhaps only got S Series titles, S6 start soon, the current state of EDG and I also wish this very influential, the promise did not forget the early heart veteran, wish him in the S6 finals to a long cherished wish fulfilled, after all, for the promise of the time is really not many.

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