Affected by the typhoon Nida Guangzhou city stop closed

The typhoon Guangzhou the city the tide

nanfangribao· 2016-08-01 23:00:30

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Li Chang Road) August 1st at 13:50 in the afternoon, Guangzhou city defense typhoon Nida "press conference held. On the same day at 14 o'clock, the Guangzhou Municipal Meteorological Bureau will be upgraded to red typhoon warning signal, within the city to stop production, closure. The State Oceanic Administration

South China Sea forecasting center responsible person, "Nida" will be Guangzhou coast of the Pearl River Estuary to bring 4 to 6 M waves to the wild waves, the Lingdingyang sea will appear 2 to 3 meters in to the waves, time mainly concentrated in the 1 to 2 at night in the morning. The Pearl River Estuary and its adjacent sea will be 8 to 12 meters high waves to turbulent, extremely harsh sea conditions related units and individuals should prepare in advance. According to

reports, tomorrow morning Guangzhou may be the most unfavorable combination of storm surge and tide superimposed, is expected in August 2nd 11 to 13 in Nansha, Whampoa , Guangzhou and other big rivers will appear 2.8 to 2.9 meters in the history of the highest tide, tide level recorded over 2008 strong typhoon "Hagupit".

conference, Guangzhou Municipal Committee, three commander Zhou Yawei issued the Guangzhou typhoon flood national mobilization, the city started typhoon I flood emergency response level, within the scope of the city closed production downtime.

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