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Siping buddies, and remember those forgotten by us online time? Those with the time, those who stay up the brush of the time, the youthful years numerous little time... We cried, laughed and experienced... Now we have already grown up, probably can do, is the memory of those who lost youth, once the unassuming youth played the game.

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" Mir "

believe everyone is familiar with the game, the game is so grand earn a pot of gold, but also cultivate a group of loyal China's first game player. As a kind of fantasy action MMORPG games, which over the past 13 years, it must be out of place, it must be there to give it the game player can't put it down.

a legend of the world, a complete virtual social system, different life, tell us this is classic!


" Denon eight "OL

"as one of the martial arts online early, Tianlong is absolutely in the eyes of many game player can be said on one masterpiece. Its biggest feature is the integration and cross game, cloud server, intelligent ecological regulation three technology, created by the second generation of online games development model independent of the original world of the "outer ring" system, generally, is that you can cross service. This play can be said at the time it was the first, taking the power of intersection, create a sandbox style the pinnacle of martial arts world.

" dance group "

at the time of the game market throughout the music and dance classes, the end of the tour is not uncommon, in addition to "dance group" and "dancing party", "Jin dance world" with the product. But why was the "dance mission" success? Behind the monopoly is not only because of its excellent product quality but also depends on the characteristics of the music and dance class game itself caused by.

when it comes to this game, don't know will evoke memories of the 80 game player? It can be said that this game starting from the beginning of the popular online games, it is accompanied by a lot of players grow together. Have to say, it is important for the later 3D online popularity situation. Style=

" World of Warcraft "

as Blizzard making the first massively multiplayer online role-playing games, WOW is definitely a classic, can be said that it had created an era. Warcraft culture, to bring the player is the soul of the chicken soup. No brother is not the world of Warcraft, this sentence do you still remember? The land of Ai Ze Lars, the Ai Ze Lars group, whether it is your heart the most tough or deepest memories?

" Westward Journey "

from the Westward Journey to the two generation of classic Fantasy Westward Journey, list the reasons: in fact, the game can become a classic, in addition to thank David Wu Chengen outside I would also like to thank Stephen Chow. Except for the journey to the West in the China popular outside Xingye film also makes its westward journey ahead of China has a lot of users. And it is a turn based network game, maybe the Chinese players are more interested in the round, whether it is stone or magic, there are countless players for him to dump. After the junior, Fantasy Westward Journey is no exception. The unique task of the story and simple and easy way to operate, attracting the majority of players, especially the female players is the only one in his love.

" journey "

" you may not have played the "journey", but you have heard of Shi Yuzhu." This sentence is used to describe the "journey" is the most appropriate. Regardless of how the game "journey", the master Shi Yuzhu marketing hype means it is admirable. Overwhelming advertising, covering the whole country to promote the system, a variety of hype means, in the journey to bring high online at the same time, it is to bring amazing revenue. />

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