What are the new contents of the One Xbox summer update?

In summer Xbox new capital new content

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-08-02 09:02:12

Xbox One has now started the summer update push, the update brings the Cortana, Windows stores and many other new features, but also improved the deficiencies. The following is the annual update and Xbox all related content:

Cortana voice assistant

Cortana first landed in the United States and the United kingdom. The experience is similar to the Cortana on the Windows 10 device. The key point is that the Cortana's voice commands are not mandatory for Kinect, with a microphone that can be used with a headset.

Cortana can provide the game query, view friends dynamic, open party and other functions, through the Kinect can also open One Xbox. Microsoft said it will continue to add new features for Cortana, and strive to make Cortana a user's private game assistant.

open Cortana voice commands are "Cortana Hey". Understand the Cortana voice commands is "Hey Cortana, what can I say?"

the function of background music support game player great voice, allows the game player to listen to music while playing games. One Xbox will soon be landing Pandora will be the first to support the application of the function of the music. Groove music, iHeartRadio support for this feature will be updated after.

improved compared to the previous game library can find games faster and easier, the content display area are improved a lot compared to the past. More details will be displayed in the installation queue.

language independent

the area is Xbox One has been one of the most troublesome setting, nature is a big game player voice. From then on, players can choose the region or language, experience more freedom.

Xbox store and Windows store combined with

Xbox not only to re layout, but also to enhance the player to find the game experience. To find the information they want to see more quickly than in the past. Player comments will also be listed in the "most helpful" order.

PC end adds bundle, chapters games, season tickets, virtual currency and other additional content and DLC browsing support. The store also increased Xbox exchange tokens, subscription services, games and DLC, as well as pre buy and download function.

will be the arrival of this year's Play Anywhere Xbox services to support a one-time purchase, Xbox, One Win10 dual platform play function.

Facebook friends find

can visit Facebook by Xbox One, to find more friends. If you use this feature on app Xbox, then One Xbox can be removed from the landing step.

to enhance the sharing function

to reduce the operation steps, more simple and quick to share screenshots, videos and achievements.

Xbox Live community increase on Win10 support

games such as "hero alliance" "UFO 2" this kind of PC game will have their own Game Hubs. Can view the dynamics of friends in these games, they can upload screenshots, videos and other content to the community to communicate with other players.

60 frame video game

adds "very high" option in the video settings in the Xbox application. Through the Win+G combination key exhaled game toolbar can be 60 frames per second video function.

improved the full game support

the current increase in the "hero alliance", "Dota2", "World of Warcraft", "battlefield 4", "CS global", "Diablo 3" six games support.

source: Xbox official website

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