Days later! Sherry Hebe Jolin domineering embrace

Sherry Jolin fit Queen

fenghuangyule· 2016-08-02 13:38:44

Sherry Hebe Jolin

domineering embrace according to Taiwan media reports, "the greatest love" concert in 1, held at the Taipei arena, by Mei leading 10 large coffee vocal gay marriage equality, three days later, Sherry Hebe Tian Jolin, also in the background photo fit, she stood in the middle to hold two people, sister domineering leakage.

concert stage stars take turns playing, behind the scenes is very wonderful, Hebe Tian, Jolin, Sherry 3 people back fit, wearing dresses, Cai Tian totem and ear hair styling collocation is deep red V metal decorated, standing in the middle of the Sherry comb high ponytail hold two days domineering, with photo frame 3 days later a rare suction eye.

"the greatest love" concert in 1, held at the Taipei arena, led by Sherry, Jolin, Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Jam Hsiao, A-Lin, Hebe Tian, Elva Hsiao, and other singers Sodagreen, s response to "the greatest love" concert is sound for the majority of Comrades marriage rights, not only in May Axin, Martha, day Hush, every family will form a new group of "the same" help, Sandy Lam appeared with Jam Hsiao singing "love has become the past".

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