Red rice Note 4 spy photos exposure

Red rice fingerprint identification body metal

IT168· 2016-08-02 13:41:19

although millet ready to force in the high-end market, but did not have any slack on the low-end models. The day before, after the relevant configuration and spy on the network leaked red rice Note 4, users have the first exposure of the spy suspected red rice 4 engineering machine, and display with a metal body and the back of the integration of fingerprint identification function, equipped with 2.0GHz frequency eight core processor, memory combination 2GB RAM+ 16GB with ROM, but in the end when it released no exact message.

suspected spy photos leaked from the friends of the red rice

exposure 4, the appearance of the continuation of the traditional design of the family, positive for the "white" receiver and using a capacitive button three grain type, but the black side touch the screen is very obvious. In the back of the mobile phone, the other three type machine for metal body and standard, round below the camera for fingerprint recognition sensor, the bottom seems to be a dual speaker layout, but did not use the USB-C interface.

is worth mentioning is that the interface prototype system still exposure confirmed the name for the 4 mobile phone red rice, has 2GB of memory, while the back there the word 16GB is that the machine also offers 16GB of storage space, as with the processor is not previously rumored X20 ten core processor clocked at eight, but the nucleus 2.0GHz processor, is expected to be MediaTek P10 processor.

released in September, however, it is not clear the 4 red rice mobile phone touch screen size, and specifications after the camera, but because the low-end market positioning of the reason, it should not give people too much. Nevertheless, metal body and fingerprint recognition function is for the machine considerably, if the rumors say that is equipped with a 4000 Ma battery, then I believe the collocation of lower prices, was able to win many consumers.

for red rice 4 specific release time aspect, there is no definite news. But according to sources had on micro-blog broke the news that the 4 quarter will launch in the open red rice, it is expected to officially debut in September the possibility of large. And before the aircraft, millet will launch red rice Note 4, also equipped with a fingerprint recognition feature, but will add a dual camera as the main selling point.

red rice Pro Mini exposure

in addition, there are users in the micro-blog exposure of a new machine called Mini red rice Pro, reportedly will be equipped with 5.2 inches OELD touch screen and uses the metal wiredrawing machine, equipped Xiaolong 6 series processors and loaded 4000 Ma battery, and support fast charging function. At the same time, the machine will provide the high standard, and enjoy the version of the three version, equipped with Xiaolong 652 processor, but a combination of storage on the differences.

the standard will be 3GB storage portfolio RAM+32GB ROM, priced at 1499 yuan; while high compared with 4GB RAM+32GB ROM storage combination, mobile phone price is 1699 yuan, the exclusive edition will be upgraded to storage capacity 128GB, priced at 1899 yuan. However, the authenticity of this red rice Mini Pro is not high, there may be users of the YY works. Currently, Millet's already have, 201605020160602016070 and 2016090 were approved by the model, but in addition to 2016050 has been confirmed to be red rice Note 4, the real identity of the other models is still unknown.

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