Putin fleet Navy Day parade warships own umbrella

Putin Navy warship formation

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7 31 is the Russian Navy's Day (the last Sunday in July). The same day, Russian President Putin in the best of spirits boarded a new repair "Aurora" cruiser to visit. Class= img_box "

revolution in October, the sound of a gun. "The sound of a gun open October revolution rang is from" Aurora "cruiser.

of the ship in service in 1903, November 6, 1917, the shelling of the temporary government headquarters in Winter Palace, opened a prelude to the October revolution.

during World War II, to avoid falling into the hands of the Germans, the ship scuttled in the harbor in 1944, after getting out of the water to be repaired.

1948 from the Navy Combat sequence, as the "October revolution" to commemorate the ship permanently moored in the Neva river.

2014 in September, the "Aurora" cruiser was towed to Kronstadt shipyard for repair, overhaul after nearly two years in July 16th this year to return to its located in the Neva River in anchorage.

cruiser should the Russian Navy's only participated in three wars (1904-1905 years of the Russo Japanese War, the first World War and the Second World War) active warships.

is now the ship 100 year old ship has been unable to travel, but as the Russian navy in the history of the development of "living fossil", it has witnessed the glory of the Russian navy in 100 years.

Putin in the Navy Day visit the "Aurora", of course, is the best choice.

visited the "Aurora", Putin also attended the St Petersburg parliament held in the square the Navy Day celebration, and take the "Serafi M Salo J J Ki" speedboat inspected the navy warship formation, greetings to all seafarers. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" the latest "admiral" in Essen, the first appearance of the escort ship to see the ship type, to accept the review.

at the Plaza during the celebrations, as the sky began to rain, Putin met with the umbrella naval officer, and to attend the activities of all the forces (except those clothes), including the Minister of defence, Shoigu, no one to take shelter from the rain measures all activities are in the rain, adhere to. Class= img_box "

Putin and naval officers to shake hands, to the festival greetings.

Putin listened to defense secretary Shoigu report.

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Putin fleet Navy Day parade warships own umbrella

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