The Ministry of public security class a wanted "8 spades" arrested

Fraud telecom wanted spades

xinminwang· 2016-04-23 04:25:48

< p > [Xinmin news], according to the state-run Xinhua news agency, Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation is reported 22, April 20, the Ministry of Public Security issued a wanted make public wanted telecommunications fraud at large personnel Wu Muxing (male, 37 years old, in Quanzhou City of Fujian Province) in Quanzhou is the public security organs under arrest, which relates to the Shanghai, Guangdong, many cases, involving 3995 million yuan. < p > according to reports, November 18, 2015, the suspect Wu Muxing colluding with others, Shanghai City posing as a unit responsible for the people, the fraud of financial personnel 490 million yuan. , Putuo District, Shanghai City, the public security organs after receiving the alarm, timely to involving account take emergency measures to stop payment, freeze the proceeds of 280 million yuan, and sent to Shenzhen, Guangdong, Fujian, Quanzhou and other places to carry out investigation work, Zhang, have been arrested three suspects. Principal Wu Jupiter at large, the public security organs in Shanghai city after Fujian, Guangdong and other places to hunt failed.

2015 December 11th, Shenzhen, a company's financial staff Lee was posing as the company's chairman and general manager of fraud 35 million 50 thousand yuan, Wu Muxing involved in the case again into the public security organs of sight. Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau set up a task force, after more than 40 days of continuous fighting, in Guangxi, Fujian more arrested 28 suspects and freeze the proceeds of 2800 million yuan. Ad hoc group on Wu Jupiter to carry out a lot of work, have been arrested under the two cowboys, but Wu Jupiter anti investigation ability, has not found the trail.

4 April 10, the Ministry of public security of Wu Jupiter issued a warrant, Fujian Province Public Security Bureau organized special forces to carry out pursuit of work. Hunt group after 9 days of continuous fighting, in Quanzhou, Nanan, Anxi and much visited 350 households and related units, Mopai, 1 million passengers, on April 20, 2 Xu Wu Jupiter captured in Quanzhou Nanan City rental housing will be.

at present, the suspect Wu Muxing has been detained. The relevant case is in the investigation.

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