The world of Warcraft card price comparison in China really is the cheapest?

The price card the world of Warcraft

17173youxi· 2016-08-02 22:31:35

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on the "World of Warcraft" card, the official has said that China is the world's most expensive clothing [with], what is true or false, we make a comparison with foreign. The current global

consists of national service, the service station, serving the United States and Europe, hanbok clothing five server. Among them, the United States and Europe service, the additional purchase of the European service CD-KEY to be able to play the game, the other three servers without this demand.

not buy CD-KEY to play with us, EU, even the implementation of the system and the service station card card + cards are more expensive than traditional clothes, dress, and the two is the service cards are very expensive, especially the hanbok. 30 hours, the price card than the 2 7 days of playing cards is also expensive. In summary, only YISHION price comparison in China is indeed the world's cheapest way.

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us CD-KEY price

EU price

us CD-KEY price < / P>

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